The Ultimate Testogen Review

Among testosterone boosters, the Testogen brand remains at the top of the industry. We take a closer look at why so many people consider Testogen the best of them all.

Overall Rating: Perfect 5 out of 5 Stars!

The Ultimate Testogen Benefits

There are 2 main reasons why a man needs a testosterone booster. One main reason is that they’re getting older, and consequently their bodies aren’t producing as much testosterone as before. The other reason is that testosterone helps with workouts and muscle development, and a testosterone booster is certainly a much safer supplement to take than anabolic steroids.

These reasons explain why plenty of men keep buying testosterone boosters. But now we will examine why with so many test boosters in the market today, the Testogen brand remains ever popular. Year after year since 2014, Testogen is a bestseller with a great reputation in the industry.

The Overall Conclusion on Testogen

We’re putting this section up front instead of down below, in case you just want the bottom line. Here it is: Testogen is fantastic because it’s a premium product with a bargain price.

This is a big deal, because with other test boosters you mainly have 2 distinct categories. One consists of the powerful premium test boosters that really do work. The problem with them is that you have to pay dearly for that quality. You really get what you pay for.

The other category has all the other test boosters with much more reasonable prices. However, the effectiveness of these test boosters is markedly inferior compared to their more expensive counterparts. The results are hardly noticeable, if they work at all.

Testogen is unique because somehow, they manage to be both effective and affordable. You know they’re not cutting corners because they include up to 11 distinct ingredients in their formula. It would have been easier and cheaper to cut down on production costs by capping the ingredients list to just one or two main ingredients.

In addition, Testogen didn’t scrimp on the dosage either. The inclusion of these ingredients isn’t just for show. They’re included because they can help, and Testogen makes sure of it by putting in enough of each ingredient. They don’t even hide the dosages in the ever-popular “secret formula” alibi—you can check out how much you get for each ingredient.

How much does Testogen cost? They offer a 5-bottle package (Buy 3, Get 2 Free) package that ends up with each bottle costing you only $36 each. A bottle is good for a month, so basically, you’re paying a mere $1.20 a day in a testosterone booster that works. That’s incredibly cheap.

Of course, there’s always the off chance that Testogen won’t work for you. That’s a risk for every supplement you take (or every medication, for that matter). But it’s not really a risk because there’s a money back guarantee good for 60 days. That should be enough time for you to realize whether Testogen is working for you. Chances are good that it will.

What Others Say

We aren’t exactly the only ones who have a very high regard for Testogen. Look around online, and just about every list of terrific testosterone boosters will mention Testogen. In fact, in many cases it’s the benchmark against which all the other test boosters are compared.

You also can easily find lots of positive customer reviews, and the ratings for Testogen from customers are consistently high. The vast majority of people laud the product, and most of them testify that it actually does work. Plenty of customers even send in before and after pictures to prove just how effective it is in boosting the results of their workouts.

Testogen has been around for about 5 years now, and the fact that it has climbed and remained at the top of the industry is a testament to its high quality. But the folks at Testogen doesn’t rely on the same old formula year after year. They take note of customer reviews and make improvements regularly, to make sure their customers get the best test booster they can get for their money.

The Ultimate Testogen Features

Customers love Testogen for a variety of reasons, and here are some of the reasons that they often cite:

Label Information

It’s great that the Testogen actually reveals not just what ingredients they include, but how much they offer for each ingredient. It would have been nice if this is a universal practice in the industry. Unfortunately, it’s not.

Some supplement makers (including makers of test boosters) hide the amount for some ingredients under the “proprietary blend” principle. That is, they don’t reveal exactly how much of each ingredient they have in their secret formula so that their competitors won’t copy it.

The problem with this approach is that it’s very easy to suspect that there isn’t enough amount for the ingredient to matter. If a specific ingredient works if you take 300 mg per dose, that ingredient won’t work if you only get 5 mg of it per dose. Yet the manufacturer is perfectly justified in including that particular compound or nutrient as part of their ingredient list.

By knowing how much you get of each ingredient, you can do your own due diligence and do research. You can check if indeed you have enough of the ingredient for it to actually help. With Testogen, you can actually confirm for yourself that they indeed put in enough for each ingredient.

Plenty of Distinct Ingredients

Some supplements even have just one active ingredient! In many cases, test boosters include only 4 or 5 active ingredients. This is for production convenience and lower costs—supplements with fewer ingredients are easier and cheaper to make.

With Testogen, you get up to 11 different ingredients. This is crucial because of the main unavoidable fact that some ingredients won’t work for some people. But with this “shotgun approach”, even if 3 or even 5 of the ingredients don’t work for you, you have plenty more ingredients that will work. It’s almost impossible for all 11 ingredients to not work. It’s like tossing a coin 11 times and then expecting it to turn up tail every time.

Ingredient Selection

The ingredients picked for the Testogen formula weren’t chosen randomly, of course. They’re not even picked because many people believe they work. Instead, Testogen has ample scientific evidence to back up each selection in the Testogen formula. They’re not just picked due to their reputation.

Affordable Price

Supplements can be very expensive. After all, you’re not supposed to take this once or twice. It’s probably going to be part of your regular expenses. Now with premium-quality ingredients and plenty of them besides, you might think that Testogen will be very expensive. After all, so many people report that it actually works.

Only use ingredients scientifically backed and proven
Separate from the competition by offering the higher quality citrate and chelate form of ingredients
Include only the most powerful and meaningful dosages for every ingredient in the formulation

But surprisingly, Testogen comes with a reasonable price. Compared to other test boosters, it’s downright cheap. Compare spending $1.20 a day with another regular daily expense. How much do you spend on coffee? If you’re like most people, you probably spend more than $1.20 a day on coffee. Testogen is much cheaper, yet it’s arguable that it does more for you and your health.

Testogen is unique this way. It’s a premium-quality test booster with a reasonable price. It’s like getting a luxury Mercedes Benz and paying Toyota prices.

Ingredients Overview

The new Testogen formula has been updated, and that’s good news. It’s true that the original formula was great. That was why it became and remained so popular in the first place. But the selection of the ingredients is based on scientific evidence, and new scientific studies have revealed new information that wasn’t available 5 years ago. It’s like buying a new car in 2020—you’ll have new technological features that simply weren’t available yet in 2014.
Here’s a basic summary of the changes:

  • The new formula has more vitamin D. In fact, it has a lot more—now it has 5 times the vitamin D that the old formula contained.
  • The new formula also has lots more vitamin K1. This makes sense, because the main purpose of the inclusion of vitamin K1 is that this vitamin makes it easier for your body to absorb the vitamin D. Since you have lots more vitamin D in the new formula, there is more vitamin K1.
  • There’s 15% more D-Aspartic Acid, which makes it even more effective in boosting your natural testosterone levels.
  • The vitamin B6 and Zinc now come in improved forms. Your body is now able to absorb the vitamin B6 and zinc more efficiently.
  • Magnesium, boron, and nettle leaf extract have now been added to the formula. The scientific studies that came out more recently justified their inclusion, since these studies indicated that these new ingredients work.
  • Bioperine is now also part of the Testogen formula. This is a very popular ingredient in many other supplements, because Bioperine boost the way your body absorbs all the other ingredients in the formula. Testogen may have been late to join the Bioperine bandwagon, but at least better late than never.

A Closer Look at Each Testogen Ingredient

Hormone BoostersD-AA (D-Aspartic Acid)

If the ingredients list for Testogen is a sports team, D-Aspartic Acid is probably the MVP. It’s widely regarded as the main component of Testogen, simply because there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence indicating the sheer effectiveness of D-AA for boosting testosterone production.

The way it works is actually simple. D-AA boosts the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the body. In turn, the LH boosts the production of free testosterone. It’s that simple.

It’s also amazingly effective. It affects a lot of men, and studies show that it can increase the amount of LH in the body by as much as 46%. This increase in turn causes an increase in testosterone production by 45%.

What adds to the overall incredible D-AA performance is that you won’t have to wait long for the results. The increase in the testosterone production is evident in just 13 days. This means in less than 2 weeks you have more testosterone to counteract the fatigue you feel and you also have testosterone to boost muscle development.

Red Ginseng Extract

This has long been reputed as a libido booster, and more modern studies have actually confirmed these long-standing beliefs. It boosts the libido and improves the quality of your erections.

In addition, it increases nitric oxide activity in your system as well. It makes you more energetic and less susceptible to fatigue, and you’re even able to concentrate better.


Just as D-AA boosts LH to improve testosterone levels, magnesium also boosts your testosterone levels in a roundabout way: by improving the quality of your sleep. Studies have shown that when you sleep better and for longer, you can really boost your normal testosterone production.

In one study, the testosterone levels of men were compared depending on the number of sleep hours they were getting. Those who slept 8 hours each night produced an average of 600 ng/dL (nanogram per deciliter) of testosterone. By comparison, those who only got 4 hours of sleep a night averaged just 300 ng/dL of testosterone.

So, where does magnesium come in? One study found that men who consume 750 mg of magnesium a day improves testosterone levels by 26%. Studies have found that magnesium improves sleep quality, which is why it works. While it is easy to get enough magnesium through your diet to get your RDA of 400-420mg, you get an extra 200 mg here to really boost your testosterone levels.


This is the reason why some say raw oysters are aphrodisiacs—they contain lots of zinc, and zinc boosts testosterone production leading to increased libido. It works by helping to suppress the aromatase enzyme, which converts testosterone into estrogen.

In addition, zinc stimulates dopamine production. This is the “feel good” neuro-transmitter that helps to motivate you to work out. Zinc also keeps your mind sharp.


Testogen isn’t the only test booster to include fenugreek, and that’s because it’s a widely accepted testosterone booster. It normalizes low testosterone production, enhances the libido, and improves strength and stamina. It is especially noted for its anti-estrogen properties, which is crucial for older men who tend to have a greater imbalance in their testosterone to estrogen ratio.


You can get this mineral in fruits and veggies. Even a small amount of boron offers tremendous value, since it’s been found that 10mg of boron a week can lead to a 26% increase in free testosterone levels. It also decreases estrogen levels for an improved testosterone-estrogen balance.

Vitamin B6

Studies indicate that lower testosterone and higher estrogen levels in men are associated with vitamin B deficiency.

Vitamin D

Studies have shown that having low vitamin D is linked to having low T levels, and that vitamin D supplements can help increase free testosterone levels. That just a few among the long list of benefits you get with vitamin D.

The problem is that too many men these days spend all their hours indoors, and the main way of getting vitamin D is through skin exposure to sunlight. No wonder too many people are deficient in vitamin D.

Vitamin K1

This is included mainly because it helps your body absorb the vitamin D more efficiently. As a bonus, vitamin K1 also helps in keeping your bones healthy and strong.


If D-AA is the MVP of the Testogen team, Bioperine is the playmaker. Its main function is to make the other ingredients work better, because it stimulates the body to absorb the other ingredients more efficiently. Obviously, it helps if you can maximize your body’s absorption rate for all these ingredients.

Price Comparison among the Top 3 Test Boosters

The top 3 most popular testosterone boosters right now are Testogen, TestoFuel, and Prime Male. Here a quick look at how much they cost depending on how long they take.




Prime Male

1 month


$65 (not including delivery)


2 months




3 months




4 months




5 months




6 months




Keep in mind that Testogen offers a “buy 2, get 1 free” promo as well as a “buy 3, get 2 free” package. The best way to be sure you’re getting the best deals—and that you’re getting the genuine article—is to buy directly from the official Testogen website.


You need to take a capsule 4 times spread out over the course of the day. You can take 2 capsules after breakfast and then after dinner. Or you can take 1 after breakfast, after lunch, in the late afternoon, and then later in the evening.

Any Side Effects?

While it is possible, there haven’t been any reports of side effects regarding Testogen use. It is extremely unlikely, especially if you don’t go over 4 capsules per day. It’s probably a different story if you take 120 capsules in one go.


Conclusion Testogen offers fantastic value for money, as it is a premium testosterone booster with a very affordable price. For just $1.20 a day, you boost your testosterone levels and improve your workouts and your overall daily life. You don’t really risk your money at all, as there’s also a 60-day money back guarantee. You don’t lose anything by trying it, and chances are that you’ll gain a lot more in the end.

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