How to Increase the Size of Your Penis

There is no single method that effectively increases the size of a penis. You need to explore and combine different techniques and products to get the size that you want. You can combine penis exercise, enlarger and pills. All three can work towards a common goal and that is to expand the size of your genital.

Suggested daily routine:

A warm up exercise can be the best way to start your day. It can be a 5-10 minutes of jelqing session. Insert your penis to a penis extender and use this for 3-6 hours. Once done, refresh yourself with a glass of water and take a penis pill. The pill will improve the blood flow to your penis and help this organ during the entire enlargement process. If you are consistent in doing this daily routine, your desire to improve the size of your “little buddy” will be realized in just 6 months! Expect a penis that is 4-5 cm longer with increased girth of 2-3 cm.

Pros and Cons of penis enlargement system:


  • Very high success rate
  • Proven to be effective
  • Helps you take control in your ejaculation
  • Penis curvature will be corrected
  • Expect a stronger erection


  • Takes a lot of your time
  • Costly

In case you want to know the best penis enlargement system available in the market these days, here are some of them:

  1. Penis Extender

You will need to mount this device on your penis as well as stretch it. It is important to set the level of strength it will be stretching your organ even before mounting this to your penis. The ability of the device to expand the length of your penis depends on the level of stretching strength you have set it to do. And the more you wear this device, the more effective it will get.

The said extender will cause 3-5 cm additional length to your penis and 1-2 cm will be added to its girth.


  • Effective in correcting penis curvature
  • Proven to be effective
  • Showed high success rate



  • Takes time
  • Costly

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  1. Penis Pump

If you feel that penis extenders are costly, you can try using a penis pump. To use this, you only need to put the device over your penis then pump water out air out from the device. Some models will require air pumping while others can be used while bathing since water needs to be pumped out of it. The pumping force will create a pressure which will increase blood circulation into your penis, causing an increase in its size. You need to pump at least 20 minutes daily for a more effective result.  This will cause the organ to increase in size, around 2-3 cm. will be added to its length while 3-4 cm will be increased in its girth. Just make sure that you keep on doing the routine for at least 6 months. Penis pumps are ideal for thin penis.


  • Can be used anytime you want to
  • Very effective
  • With high success rate
  • Affordable
  • Cause stronger erection


  • Not a corrective measure for penis curvature issue
  • Can’t be used for curved penis
  • Takes a bit of your time

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  1. Pills and Exercises for the Penis

In your effort to increase the size of your penis, know that exercise and pills goes hand in hand. Doing away with any of them will only cause little increase in the girth and length of your organ. But when used together, you can see how your effort will be truly rewarded as you witness your “little buddy” growing to its highest potential. By doing the exercise, your genital will be stretched longer and wider. The pills on the other hand will increase blood circulation to your penis, making it look huge and hard as a rock.

The good thing about penis pills and exercises is that they are not time consuming. On top of that, results are evident in just a few months of taking and doing the regimen. And don’t worry, if you buy any penis pills, you can find a suggested penis exercise regimen that you can follow.

Pills and exercise will cause your organ to increase in size in just 6 months. Expect it to be 2-3 cm longer with 2-3 cm added girth.

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Understanding how penis enlargement system works

As mentioned earlier, this system does not focus to one method alone. It is a combination of several techniques that you can use altogether, whichever you feel are the most ideal for you. Besides, many penis enlargement products work well when taken altogether, speeding up the penis enlargement process while maximizing its size.

How the system works

The system works by combining several methods to gain maximum growth. For instance, one may choose penis pills, extender and exercise. By using all 3, you can expect to have bigger penis in terms of length and girth in just few weeks.

There are companies that come up with the perfect combinations of methods and add them to their system.  I did my own research, tried all the systems and explored all options until I have narrowed them to a selected few that are most effective in increasing the size of your genital. They are the best and other penis enlarging options don’t come even close when it comes to effectiveness. However, there are 2 things required from your part to make things happen; your time and your money. However, considering the fact that it will improve your sex life, then this must be one of the very important investments you can make in your lifetime. The increased size of your penis is something that will last so long as you live. Most of all, this is something that will grant you the pleasure that you want to enjoy for the rest of your life.

Below are the highly suggested penis enlargement systems that I have included in my list:

  1. Penis Extender

You need this with you in your journey to having a larger penis. And take note that this offers you a lifetime penis enlargement which will surely benefit you for a very long time. The only drawback with this device is its needed long term use. The length of its use and the size that you will gain are equally proportional. Meaning, the longer you use this, the longer your penis will be. So make sure that you have enough patience and determination to use the penis extender before buying one.

How it works:

Expect that your genital will be stretched using the device. Hence, it will grow not just longer but also wider.  But don’t worry; you can always adjust its stretching strength. If you want the best result, you need to set it at a stronger strength and use it longer. The penis extender is ideal for men working at home or those who stay longer in their homes since they can simply wear this while watching TV or sitting in front of their computer.

You also need to set the extender at a comfortable stretching level, especially if you intend to use it for a long time. SizeGenetics is a highly recommended brand when it comes to this matter.

  1. Penis Pump


Because of its price and speed result, this is one of the most popular methods used to enhance penis size these days. Others even saw significant results with just one week of use. You can find a good one for only $100. However, be careful of some bogus products that come from Asia since many of them are not only ineffective but they can cause damage to your genital as well.


How it works:


This device has 2 components, namely the tube and the pump. The tube part has to be positioned over your genital then pump out water (or air in some models). This will create a pressure that will surge up the flow of blood to the organ, hence, increasing its size along the process.


  1. Penis Pills and Exercise


Pills are often used as remedies to rectify issues on erection. However, you can take this while doing penis exercise at the same time so the size you will gain from the exercise will be multiplied many times. You will need to buy pills that will serve as your 3-4 month supply before starting with the program.


How it works:


The pills will work in the biological aspect of the growth while the exercise works on the physical aspect. Once you take the pill, it causes your blood vessels to expand, thereby increasing the size of your genital. The exercise needed has to be geared towards stretching the organ. The commonly used is “Jelqing”. This is where you tend to increase the flow of blood to the organ.





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