Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review

Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review

Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review

With weight loss and fat burner products, doing your research is an important step as many of them have little to no results. They are often marketed to hype up the customer, leading to under delivering an over-promise. However, Instant Knockout is a newer product making headlines, created by Roar Ambition, Ltd. (TestoFuel).

What is Instant Knockout?

The manufacturer stated the original development of Instant Knockout was aimed towards professional boxers and MMA fighters, hence the name. For those unfamiliar to these sports, once fights are scheduled, the fighters must lose excess weight without losing strength or muscle gained from other methods. This is important for the official weigh-in.

Instant Knockout is designed to deliver the loss of excess weight, without risking other areas. But, how?

How Does It Work?

The rapid weight loss is a result of the three-pronged approach Instant Knockout uses. First, it boosts the metabolism. Second, endurance enhancement. Third, eliminates fat.

The product uses a formula which carefully combined a time released dose, released throughout the day rather than all at once. This helps keep the body in a constant fat-burn state, and muscle is maintained.

What Are The Ingredients?

Instant Knockout has 10 active ingredients, using both non-thermogenic and thermogenic ingredient. They are combined with the specific goal of producing synergistic effects which turn the body’s fat-storing switch, off.

Let’s take a look:

Green Tea – A popular natural ingredient with many benefits. Green tea contains polyphenols to provide a fat burning punch by elevating norepinephrine levels. This will boost the metabolism, causing liver and muscles to increase their consumption of fatty acids.

Cayenne Pepper – No longer just for adding spice, this ingredient is used for the benefits of capsaicin. It increases consumption of calories, reducing fat and lowers ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

Caffeine Anhydrous – Proven to boost the metabolism, it can also cause fat to be used quicker for energy, with up to 30% more fat burning when taken prior to exercise.

Glucomannan – A natural, but strong dietary fiber which increases in size within the stomach. This causes you to feel full, much quicker to prevent over eating.

Piperine – Another property found in pepper, this is a black pepper extract. It is used to block new fat cells from forming while improving nutrient absorption.

Green Coffee Bean – This is gaining popularity as many studies indicate the raw coffee bean contains chlorogenic acid which reduces glucose productions within the liver. This aids in fat absorption rate prevention during food digestion, reducing percentage of body fat. Also, a healthy blood sugar level is maintained, and cholesterol can decrease.

Vitamin B6 and B12 – There are many benefits of taking B-vitamins, too many to list. If you take a multi-vitamin, the amount here won’t likely make a noticeable difference.

Zinc – A mineral that guys need plenty of. It is needed for maintaining an optimal level of testosterone while processing nutrients efficiently. Studies show those overweight have lower zinc levels.

GTF Chromium – Good for stabilizing blood sugar levels.


Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review


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