What are the Omega 3 Fish Oil Benefits?

What are the Omega 3 Fish Oil Benefits?

Omega 3 fish oil is a product that has attracted a lot of attention in the last few years, and many people have tried this supplement — primarily because of the hype it has received on the internet.

But is Omega 3 fish oil even good for you? Understanding fish oil can help you to understand the truth about the claims made regarding Omega 3 fish oil benefits.

Why Does Fish Oil Help?

Most people wouldn’t believe that plain oil could be good for your body, but the truth is that there are special nutrients in fish oil that will improve your health. These nutrients are DHA and EPA, two acids with very long and unpronounceable names. These acids will help manage heart disease, inflammation in the body, fat storage, and many more things. The Omega 3 fatty acids benefits are all thanks to these two acids.

What are the Omega 3 Fish Oil Benefits?

The Omega 3 health benefits are actually quite numerous, though many exaggerated claims have been made by companies trying to sell the product. Here are some of the Omega 3 fish oil benefits that have actually been proven to be true:

omega 3 fish oil benefits

Improves Heart Health – The Omega 3 fatty acids in the fish oil will help reduce triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and arterial pressure in your cardiovascular system, which means that your heart will be much healthier. Thanks to the fact that there’s nothing clogging up your heart’s internal combustion engine, it will be able to run without being overworked.

Reduces Risk of Stroke and Heart Attack – When you have too much cholesterol floating around inside your arteries, chances are most of it will stick to the walls. The more cholesterol that builds up, the narrower your arteries get. At some point, the arteries will be completely blocked, causing a heart attack or stroke. Seeing as Omega 3 prevents cholesterol from getting out of control, you’ll be reducing your risk of these two potentially fatal cardiac disorders by taking the fish oil.

Decreases Inflammation –Disorders like arthritis and cystitis are almost always accompanied by swelling in the body, and the swelling is fairly painful. Omega 3 fatty acids prevent swelling in your body, and they can cause swelling in your joints, organs, or muscles to go down. If you want to reduce pain and inflammation, Omega 3 can be a good way to treat it naturally.

Improves Brain Function – Your brain needs certain chemicals in order to work properly, but they can only be produced when your body has enough raw ingredients – ingredients like DHA and EPA. A lack of neurochemicals can reduce brain function, and it can lead to problems like depression and ADHD. There are numerous known benefits of omega 3 fish oil for brain function. By getting more of these two essential fatty acids, you’ll promote excellent brain health.

there are numerous health benefits of omega 3 fish oil

Increases Fertility and Sex Drive – This is one of the more interesting Omega 3 fish oil benefits. The Omega 3 fatty acid helps to balance out your hormones, increase the circulation to your happy parts, and ensure that your body is getting enough of each hormone. Balanced hormones are the key to fertility, and will help boost your sex drive as well.

Reduces Cancer Risks – Studies have been conducted into Omega 3 fish oil benefits in the fight against cancer, and while the results have been mixed, these studies have concluded that it can help prevent certain kinds of cancer. The ability of these fatty acids to regulate the hormones means that taking Omega 3 fish oil can help reduce your risk of prostate, colon, and pancreatic cancer – all of which result from imbalanced hormonal levels.

Here’s also video showing the top 5 foods containing omega-3 fish oil​

Facilitates Healthy Pregnancies – The benefits of omega 3 fish oil during pregnancy are numerous. Taking the oil has been proven to help reduce the risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy, postpartum depression in the mothers, and premature birth. The acids in the oil also help the blood to flow more easily, guaranteeing that the baby receives sufficient nutrients during the pregnancy.

Wow! Who knew that there were so many Omega 3 fish oil benefits?


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