Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte

Have you ever wondered how you could increase the size of your penis? Using Phallosan Forte penis extender can help you gain more than one inch on the flaccid size of your penis and about half an inch on the girth. Interestingly, everything happens in less than 6 months! The size of an erect penis increases by even a higher margin. Additionally, it is more comfortable to use compared to other products you will find in the market.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

Why would you need a penis extender?

There are countless reasons why a man would buy a penis extender. First, there is a notion that a bigger dick gives a man pride and can help maintain a good relationship with a sex partner. Men with small (below average size) penis are likely to suffer low self-esteem, disinterest in sex, lack of confidence, and sometimes humiliation by their partners and peers. Each of these may steer a man to a self-discovery and improvement path that requires the use of penis extenders. Some men do not suffer any of the conditions mentioned but cannot hold back the urge to get bigger assets. Phallosan Forte comes handy for straightening a curved penis as well as increasing the length and the girth of the penis.

Why Phallosan Forte?

Like we have mentioned, Phallosan Forte has been around for over six years. During this time, the company made it a responsibility to understand the complaints and compliments issued through the reviews section of the product page. This, in turn, enabled the manufacturer to continually improve the penis extender to serve the needs of their customers better.

Additionally, Phallosan Forte is supported by clinical studies showing its effectiveness on the curved and short penis. Further, the device is designed in compliance with the FDA’s guidelines regarding external penile rigidity devices.

Unlike other similar products on the market, you will find Phallosan Forte comfortable to use for long hours during the day since it does not exert excess pressure or interfere with blood circulation on the penis. This makes it suitable for beginners as well as experienced users seeking a permanent increase in the size of the vital organ.

This penis extender is more effective than other cheaper competitors and even pills intended for the same purpose.

An In-depth Review

Penis size enlargement is not a new concept, not in the world we are living, and neither has the practice it started recently. There are communities in different parts of the world where a larger size of a particular part of the body is traditionally valued and cherished. The Mursi of Ethiopia, for example, cherish women with larger lower lips while women with longer necks are adored in some other parts of the planet. In their respective cultures, women engage in activities that elongate these parts. This is the same case for men with small/medium-sized penis. While one may argue that these are entirely different traditions, they are intertwined in the fact the communities propagate them either directly or indirectly.

Among men, a shorter than average penis may subject you to ridicule or diminish your sexual desires significantly. This is, among other reasons, why men are turning to penis enlargement to maintain their pride and confidence. While different ways to enlarge the length and girth of the penis do exist, studies show that extenders are more effective than pills and pumps. Penis enlargers are usually based on the principle of constant force.

A unique product by a respectable manufacturer

A variety of penis extenders are available for sale on various outlets in both retail and wholesale scale. The only problem is the fact that many of these, even though advertised to be functional, only achieve the temporary increase, some do not work at all while are others, still, are dangerous for your vital organ. Phallosan Forte is different from all of these and is the safest penis extender you can buy yourself.

Swiss Sana, a respectable German brand, is behind the success stories and happiness of many men both in America and across Europe. They specialize in the design and manufacture of various penis enlargement devices, including the Phallosan Forte kit.

The Phallosan Forte kit includes several tools useful in enlarging the girth and length of the penis. The kit is built with innovative technology and is accompanied by mobile applications that can be used during the recommended six months of wearing it. Compared to other similar products, the Phallosan Forte kit is far better in comfort and usability. Many people like this device since it provides an easy way to adjust the tension it exerts on the body. To change the pressure, you only need to adjust a handle on the side, unlike with other similar products that use screws, elongation bar, or noose and may additionally require privacy to change.

Phallosan Forte kit components

Sleeve condom

A sleeve condom is a unique condom – not latex condom- made from special glass-like material. Unlike latex condoms, this medical-grade silicon condom cannot cause any allergic effects even with prolonged exposure. It is available in three different sizes to ensure everybody is covered.

sleeve condoms in different sizes

Image: Sleeve condoms are available in different sizes

Suction ball

The suction ball is a vital component of the kit that lets you adjust the pressure exerted by the Phallosan Forte. It’s a three-way valve that can be adjusted when the Phallosan Forte is already worn.

Elastic belt

This is a non-allergic orthopedic belt that ensures you can comfortably walk around when wearing the device. The belt is usually comfortable for most people, but the company is always ready to send a replacement for a plus-sized individual to whom the default size is too tight. The belt maintains a tight grip on your body when you are moving, thus enhancing the efficiency of the device.

Phallosan Forte elastic belt

Image: Phallosan Forte’s elastic waist strap.

Protector cap

The protector cap guards your glans if the vacuum force is excessively strong. Like the elastic belt, it is also non-allergenic and highly flexible.

Tension clip

The tension clip helps you regulates the tension exerted on the penis. It is a color-coded pull system indicating the various tension levels you can achieve with the device. It connects the elastic belt to the suction bell, thereby transferring the belt’s power to the latter.

The complementary Phallosan Forte app

Swiss Sana understands that we are living in a digital age, and as such, their Phallosan Forte device is accompanied by a complimentary mobile app available for major platforms. The application is designed to train users on achieving the best results with the device based on personal goals. With the app, you can track the time taken in each session and set reminders for the next. The app also connects you with Swiss Sana, and you can get company news, product offers, tips /hacks, and reach customer support easily.

First-time users must register to enjoy the benefits of the app. The registration process is, however, smooth and short; only requiring vital information that will hence guide your personalized experience with the app. The app does not, however, intrude or limit your freedom with the device. You can still experiment and choose when to train with the device any particular day. Additionally, you can set targets that you wish to achieve, and the app will help track your progress with time.

How to assemble Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte device comes with a detailed manual that you can use to optimize the device’s assembly and optimal use. Complete beginners may, however, find it difficult to assemble even with the official manual. You can, therefore, follow this simplified guide to assemble and start using your gadget:

unique traffic light tension indicator

Image: Phallosan Forte unique traffic light tension indicator

Ensure all items are available before embarking on the setup.

  1. Take the elastic belt and use the buckle to set it to the longest width possible.
  2. Take the suction bell that matches the size of your dick and attach the pump device on its top. You can use the measuring template to measure and confirm your size appropriately.
  3. Attach the drawbar to the bell and pull it over the top of the pump device.
  4. Use two fingers to spread the cap and put it over the fore of your member.
  5. Now slide the sleeve of the protector up to the edge of the bell. Put your penis in the bell and roll the sleeve of the protector cap down.
  6. You can now use the bell pump to exert gentle pressure on the vital organ. Adjust the pressure as may be necessary for you.
  7. To ensure everything holds in place correctly, roll the flexible belt around your hips, and attach it to the device at the base of the penis. Use the belt buckle to adjust the stretch on the penis as appropriate. The 3-way valve can be used to adjust the pressure on the member organ at any time.

You will require repeating these steps every time you use the Phallosan Forte, and it is therefore important if you can master the process early enough. Watch this video by Phallosan Forte for a better understanding.

Image: Phallosan Forte final setup

Will Phallosan Forte work for me?

The effectiveness of the Phallosan Forte device partially depends on your commitment to the cause. The manufacturer recommends 1000 or more hours of usage for the best results. Therefore, maintaining a routine practice can increase the quality of results you get. Further, the Phallosan Forte device is comfortable to wear and walk around in. It is, however, advisable that you wear it when going to bed. This will ensure the pressure on the member organ remains undisturbed for a longer period in one session.

Users who used the device for longer than six months reported attaining a permanent gain in girth and length of the penis. On the other hand, it is approximated that impatient users who only use the device for less than four months are likely to experience between 20 and 30 % retraction in the initial gain.

More importantly, the Phallosan Forte device can help with other conditions other than elongating the penis. People with overly curved penises reported a significant change in the curve after using the device consistently. Also, it has been reported to heal erectile dysfunction occasioned by diabetes or prostate surgery.

What is the best routine to use Phallosan Forte for optimum results without straining?

Like any other wellness activity, you cannot start and get results the same day. It requires patience and dedication to the cause. In the beginning, the whole thing feels uncomfortable for everyone. Many people do not finish the recommended 1000 hours or six months of use. The case is so because they fail to understand the best way to use the device or have low self-drive. You should always remove the device when it feels uncomfortable to ensure you do not follow the same disgraceful path. Additionally, beginners must kick off the journey by wearing the device for a short session each day until they are comfortable to try the average session duration.

Experienced users usually put the device on when going to sleep.  It is also not advisable to walk around too much when you have it on. For beginners wearing it for between 1 and 3 hours for the first two weeks should suffice and get you acquainted with the rhythm.

What results should I expect after using Phallosan Forte?

With an average 6 hours daily use, you are likely to increase the flaccid size of your member by about 1.15 inches while the size of a hard penis will likely increase by an average 1.42 inches between the third and sixth month of use according to a German study. The girth is also expected to increase by an average of 0.5 inches for the same period.

After the sixth month of use, there is very little change in the size of the penis. However, this is not the case for everybody and a few people have reported registering more considerable changes between the sixth and ninth month as compared to the gains recorded between the third and sixth months.

Benefits and possible drawbacks associated with Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte has satisfied many customers over the years, many of whom have come out praising the device for the superior abilities to enlarge member organs. However, it is hard, if not impossible, to please all users. We will, therefore, list both the pros and cons as expressed by Phallosan Forte users and from our observations.

The Benefits

  • It can increase the size of the penis significantly through natural cell growth
  • It can also heal erectile dysfunction
  • Significant increase in the size of the penis can be achieved in six months
  • Phallosan Forte can help straighten a curved penis
  • The device is comfortable to wear and walk around in but is convenient to use when going to bed
  • The device works well for all member organ sizes
  • Made with innovative technology and accompanied by a complementary mobile application
  • Increases levels of users self-esteem and confidence
  • Made from non-allergic materials

Possible drawbacks

  • Requires a lot of patience to wait for significant results in 6 months
  • Expensive compared to others in the same market
  • Complicated to assemble for starters
  • May not be suitable when attending work that requires constant moving

Where can I buy Phallosan Forte?

Many stores and websites dealing with adult toys and sexual wellness products will probably have a Phallosan Forte in stock. However, you should not be deceived by the convenience and cheap prices offered by such sellers because you may end up buying a useless product. In short, any cheap Phallosan Forte you find out there isn’t necessarily a genuine Phallosan Forte.

Instead of risking your hard-earned money on a fake product, we highly recommend that you buy Phallosan Forte from the official website and get it delivered to you.

Tips to improve your experience with Phallosan Forte

Not everybody will respond similarly to Phallosan Forte. Some people will experience some challenges that we may not have covered in the main content of this article. Read the following tips to get an overview of how you can have a better experience using Phallosan Forte.

  • Starters must restrain themselves from using the device for long hours for the first few days. Also, they must only use low tension on the member organ until they are comfortable with increasing the pressure gradually.
  • If your member starts swelling or reddening, remove the device and allow yourself time to heal. Ensure you are using the protector cap appropriately before wearing it again. You can always confirm the correct way to set up the device from the accompanying manual.
  • Do not be deceived by the comfort you feel with low tension. The tension applied to your member must always be bearable and consistent for the period you will use the device. Again, increasing the pressure unnecessarily does not increase the rate of growth of your member.
  • For best results, avoid excessive movements when wearing the device. If possible, use it in the night hours when you are around the house.
  • A routine will lead to better results.
  • Always ensure you are using the protector cap. You may hurt your penis if you fail to use the cap properly.
  • Do not use the device if you have any sort of open skin or wounds on your member.

The take-away

The Phallosan Forte has more benefits than drawbacks. Further, other than just increasing the size of the member organ, the device can also help straighten a curved penis, among other conditions.

All the parts of the device should be assembled correctly to avoid unexpected swelling of the penis. For instance, the protector cap should always be fitted correctly, and the belt should never be left out of the setup.

Additionally, the complementary mobile app is a great tool that can help you maintain your passion and dedication towards achieving your goals.

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