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Prime Male

Prime Male: One Solution for Multiple Purposes!

So, you are a man and have crossed your 30s. May be, you are in your 40s 50s or 60s whatever, and in the late afternoon, evening or during nights, you remember your energetic teen, active youth days, how enthusiastically you worked out, played, worked actively for nights without getting tired, awesome nights with your partner and in the morning you greeted yourself with confidence and a smile on your face!

YES! Still you have an opportunity to live your youth for today and every day, with PrimeMale! Prime male will render you all potential to become a complete energise man again.


Product Rating:
  • Builds lean muscle mass
  • Helps you regain natural levels of testosterone
  • Improves your sex drive
  • No side effects
  • A bit expensive for a month's supply
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Only available online

What is PrimeMale?

Prime male is a formulae made up off 12 natural ingredients that will encounter your body’s tendency to reduce testosterone level over the years as you cross your 30s.  The effects are so gradual that you may not notice it at first, but when you compare how you were in your 30s now that you’re in your 40s and 50s, the differences are quite drastic. 

You’re a lot more lethargic now, your body doesn’t quite hold the muscles you used to, and your libido isn’t as high.  These are the classic symptoms of low testosterone

Testosterone is the male hormone that makes you man and uphold your masculinity!  Other than this general consideration, testosterone is one of prime clinical marker of men’s health.  Testosterone makes you active, energetic, maintains your physique, takes care of your heart, bones, reproductive health, upholds your sex drive, your concentration, efficiency enhance your cognitive ability etc. 

If now a days you feel lethargic, fatigue, overweight, tiredness, gaining weight, losing your lean body mass, abnormal blood pressure, blood sugar level or weaker bones, all these may symbolise you of your lowering testosterone level.  

So, PrimeMale is the ultimate solution to encounter all of these problems, which work by boosting your testosterone level naturally.

But here’s also a fact—there are testosterone booster supplements you can try to counteract these effects.  One of them is Prime Male, and many say it really works.  Some testosterone boosters are primarily meant for muscle builders who use this as a legal alternative to anabolic steroids (which are just synthetic testosterone). 

You can use Prime Male for this, too. But it’s really designed to help those men who are getting a bit older, and as a result their T levels are dropping.

The General Consensus

Most customer reviews and independent assessments regard Prime Male as a premium testosterone booster.  Reports on how it has worked for so many people can easily be found online in the thousands.  In fact, many consider Prime Male as the most effective of them all. Its success rate is arguably higher than any other T-booster.  It’s also safe, with no reports of dangerous side effects.

This has been proven with time and again, year after year.  However, many of these reviews do tend to note that it’s not really all that cheap.  Some men wish that the price is lower, but then Prime Male is a prime example of how high quality comes at a higher cost.  The makers of Prime Male spend a lot of money paying for high quality ingredients and ample amounts for each.  At least with the buyers of Prime Male, customers are getting their money’s worth.

Top PrimeMale Features

Exactly what makes Prime Male so special? Here are some features that distinguishes it from the rest of the pack:

You can know the Ingredients you are consuming:

Some health supplements hide behind a “secret formula” and call it their proprietary formula.  They don’t let you know what ingredients are included in their supplement, and instead they just call it some kind of “special blend”.  You are just supposed to take their word for it that their health supplement is safe, and that it will work.

Others may mention the ingredients in their formula, but then neglect to tell you how much of each ingredient they have used.  The makers of these health supplements say that they do this so that other supplement manufacturers can’t copy their formula.

However, this is also a convenient way for health supplement makers to hide the fact that they aren’t putting in enough of the ingredient for it to work.  Perhaps one particular ingredient will work if you take 250 mg of it per serving (according to studies), but it sure won’t be effective if the formula only has 5 mg of that ingredient.  That’s barely enough to even merit its mention.

With Prime Male, you get the names and the precise dosages of each ingredient.  Nothing is hidden, and everything’s transparent.  You can do your own research to find out of the dosage of each ingredient is enough for that ingredient to be effective.

More Ingredients

You even have 12 main ingredients to help your body produce testosterone more naturally.  You won’t find too many T Boosters with this many ingredients, especially with the dosages for each ingredient.

This is in contrast with how some supplements only have a few (or in some cases even just 1) main ingredient.  It’s a well-known fact that each person reacts differently to each ingredient.  Some may work on a person, but others may not.  By having 12 ingredients, you can at least be very sure that a few of them will work on you.  This is probably why Prime Male works for so many people—the shotgun approach is really effective.

The Ingredients Were Also Chosen Carefully

First of all, these are natural ingredients.  This is a crucial detail, because synthetic compounds tend to cause unpleasant side effects.  In case you’re not aware of this, anabolic steroids are so harmful to the body because these are basically synthetic steroids.

In the case of PrimeMale, these chosen ingredients are included in the formula because they help the body in specific biochemical pathways to produce greater amounts of testosterone naturally.  PrimeMale counteracts the body’s tendency to slowly reduce its ability to produce testosterone. Each year after about the age of 30 or so, you aren’t as able to produce testosterone.  Maybe you lose 1% of that production each year.  After a few years or when you reach 50 or so, the results of low testosterone are clear enough.

The ingredients here were chosen not only due to their reputation, but chosen scientifically.  It’s true that many of these ingredients were long regarded as aphrodisiacs or energizing supplements in traditional folk medicine.  But each of these ingredients were also tested in laboratory studies to confirm their effectiveness.

Digging Deeper Into Each Prime Male Ingredient:

Although you can get all the scopes to improve your testosterone level and other benefits naturally but PrimeMale will help you to reduce your utmost efforts to make your life bit easy.  In market you will get many T-boosters containing a lots of natural ingredients.  But you don’t know all these ingredients are really important or required for your health. 

Again you don’t know in the portions they are present in the supplement, is that going to work for you.  With contrast to this you will also find, many T-Boosters containing a lots of ingredients including vitamins and minerals, that to in a large amount.  For this you have to pay more and also you never know do you require such many of ingredients that to in such quantities. 

On other side consuming over amount may be harmful to your body.  This is special about PrimeMale, 12 ingredients are chosen scientifically and blended in portions which will really help you to boost your natural testosterone level and combat with other health issues.     

So, what exactly is in Prime Male? Let’s check out each ingredient, and find out why it’s there.

The composition:

Digging Deeper Into Each Prime Male Ingredient:


This is short for D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate.  D-AA is both a neurotransmitter and an amino acid.  Ample of researches have shown, it causes the body to release more LH, or luteinizing hormone.  This LH in turn causes your body to produce more testosterone.

Of all the ingredients here, this is perhaps the most impressive.  In fact, it’s so widely regarded as the most effective T-booster that almost all the best T-booster supplements contain this ingredient. However, those other supplements may not have enough of it in their formula.  Here you get 1,600 mg of the stuff, which is a lot compared to how much of it you get in other health supplements.

A study found that a daily dose of D-AA was able to increase natural testosterone production in men ages 27 to 37 by an average of 42% than that of the basal level.   Astonishingly, this increase was noted in just 12 days.  The researchers proposed that the consumed D-AA remain stored in testis and stimulate gradual testosterone production (1).  Another study focused on D-AA’s sexual potency, and found that D-AA improved semen concentration and motility by a range of 50% to 100%.

They found that on consuming D-AA for 90 days, the sperm quality and number have been increased with enhancing fertility.  During the study period itself 27% of partners became pregnant.  Similarly in another study by the same researchers on a population where, 27-43 years aged men were advised to administer D-AA for 90 days and their natural testosterone levels boosted by 30% to 60% (2).

Here in Prime Male, it’s also in calcium chelate form.  In this form it is 75 times more water-soluble, compared to regular D-AA.  This greater water-solubility makes it more absorbable, which reduces the risk of stomach problems that may sometimes come with regular D-AA.

Korean Red Ginseng

This is a traditional folk medicine that’s been used for hundreds of years in Asia, for treating erectile dysfunction.  Studies that examined the extract more scientifically found that these effects were due to how it can increase testosterone levels. 

Erectile dysfunction (ED) up to some degrees are common in all groups of population.  To encounter ED instead of drugs, globally people prefer dietary uptake of red ginseng, in order to avoid potential risks of side effects those may be caused by the drugs.  Ginseng has extra ordinary medicinal properties to boost immunity and counter the sexual problems, this made the herb so popular in oriental countries.  Ginseng contain a class of steroid glycosides called ‘gisenosides’, which is the major active component of the herb. 

Each part of the plant have different gisenosides profile, having different pharmacological implications, this is what so special about the plant.  Ginseng induces NO Synthase of your body to produce NO in sexual organ, which further act by an endothelial pathway to improve your penile erection and sexual health.  Ample of studies are conducted to follow the effects of Ginseng on treatment of various sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation etc. (3).           

In one study, the patients in a group who took the ginseng for 2 months reported considerable improvements in their sexual satisfaction, sexual performance, and the quality of their erection. Another study involving patients with mild to moderate levels of erectile dysfunction who took ginseng, and after 3 months they reported significant improvement in their erectile function.


When it comes to testosterone levels, you also have to make sure you don’t have elevated estrogen levels.  You need a proper balance.   Luteolin is a flavonoid found in many fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs.  Luteolin prevents the conversion of testosterone into estradiol by inhibiting the aromatase action mechanism, pathway of estradiol synthesis (4).  Hence finally you end up with abundant amount of testosterone that is required for your body.     

In addition, there was also another study that examined more than 1,400 natural compounds to find the most effective aromatase inhibitor.  An aromatase inhibitor blocks the aromatase enzyme from turning androgen hormones into estrogen.  This study identified luteolin as the most powerful aromatase inhibitor among these compounds.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract

Macuna Puriens is a tropical legume also called velvet been.  Other than its use as an aphrodisiac, it has been reported to have anti diabetic, anti-neoplastic, anti- microbial and cognitive enhancement function (5). 

MP has a role in suppression or prolactin, female hormone, which in turn stimulate the pituitary to secret LH and that further signalise testosterone production by leydig cells.  One study found that taking Mucuna pruriens boosted testosterone levels by an average of 27.3%.

Another study involving 150 men found that taking this ingredient for 3 months boosted semen quality and quantity.  In a similar study 75 infertile men were tested with low LH and testosterone level and advised to consume 5g of MP seed powder daily for 3 months.  It has been observed after 3 months their LH and Testosterone level raised as a healthy person.  MP has a role in restoring your testosterone level and enhancing sex drive (6).     

How does it work? It helps maintain your level of free testosterone by reducing prolactin levels.  It has L-Dopa amino acid which elevates the Dopamine level in brain that enhance the testosterone secretion mechanism and also drives your sexual behaviour (7).  Mucuna also reduces cortisol levels (which increases due to stress), and this helps because cortisol can destroy testosterone even before it leaves the testes where it is produced.

Nettle Root

This herb has multiple functions for your health.  It is used to treat allergy, arthritis, high blood pressure, used for the treatment of prostate cancer and also has antioxidant properties.  Experiments have shown that clinical condition of patients with enlarged prostate or prostatic hyperplasia improved by treatment with nettle (8). 

Nettle root extract prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen by inhibiting the action of the enzyme aromatase which is involved in the process.  Elevated concentration of estrogen in male prostate can be a reason to prostatic hyperplasia (9).

One of the main problems with testosterone is that you can’t use all of it.  You can only use the free testosterone.  More than 50% of your testosterone is actually rendered useless because it binds to the SHBG protein. 

The nettle root contains lygans, which prevent binding of testosterone to SHBG, so that you can end up with an adequate amount of free testosterone that your body requires.  Lygans metabolites bind to SHBG, hence blocking the binding site of free testosterones with SHBG (10). This leaves you with more unbound free testosterone.  Nettle root also has beta-sitosterol that can raise testosterone levels.

Zinc Citrate

The citrate form of zinc is used here because in this form it offers much greater bioavailability than other forms. But what’s so special about zinc? The problem with zinc is that your body don’t have any mechanism to store it.  So every day you need to rely on your dietary intake to replenish your physiological Zn level.  Many studies have shown Zinc deficiency is linked to low testosterone level.

Zinc has multiple roles to play in male reproductive health like testicular development, testosterone synthesis, spermatogenesis sperm quality and count.  It is also involved in functioning of many enzymes involved in germ cell development (11, 12).

If your low T levels is due to this problem, then the zinc here can solve it.  In studies, zinc can increase testosterone in substantial amounts for elderly men and athletes.  One case involved football players, and after 2 months of taking zinc (along with magnesium and vitamin B6), their average free testosterone levels increased by 33.5 %.


Perhaps those football players benefited from the magnesium more than the zinc, though it’s more likely that both compounds worked together for greater effectiveness.  In any case, Prime Male does contain magnesium.  Mg is necessary for functioning of more than hundreds of enzymes of your body.

Ample of researches have shown Mg concentration in your body is directly proportional to your testosterone level.  This is the reason why many of T boosters do contain this element.  This element has an excellent capability to function as an antioxidant for your body and eliminates the reactive oxygen species which are harmful for your liver as well as for sperm health.

Researches have shown that Mg bind to SHBG and block the testosterone binding site on SHBG, leaving you with plenty of free unbound testosterone for your anabolic activity and sex drive (13).

A case study conducted on 399 old man to find out the action of Mg on their physiological testosterone level, where it was observed that Mg level was directly proportional to the increase in testosterone as well as Insulin like growth factor level (14).

Vitamin B6

The aforementioned football players also took vitamin B6, and you also get it in Prime Male.  This vitamin works with both zinc and magnesium because it makes the body better able to absorb those 2 minerals.  

Also, this vitamin causes your androgen receptors to stimulate your testes to begin pumping testosterone into the bloodstream.  Studies have established Zn and Vitamin B6 combinedly perform to boost your testosterone level (15).

Vitamin D3

Deficiency in Vitamin D3 has become a very common problem in today’s life.  You can obtain Vitamin D3 from sunlight.  But it’s important to know it takes few days to your body for synthesising Vitamin D3. 

Again many other factors like intensity of light, the thickness of ozone layer in the area you are residing and the type of clothes you wear all these decide the extent of sunlight your body absorb to carry Vitamin D3 synthesis.  Vitamin D3 has vital role in your body in maintenance of your bone, heart health, encountering cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, arthritis etc (16).

Studies have established Vitamin D is involved in maintaining your physiological testosterone level and sperm quality (17).  A research study was conducted on a group of population having of 54 men.  Half of the group were advised to consume 3332 IU of Vitamin D every day for 1 year.  It has been observed increase in the physiological Vitamin D level, also boosted their testosterone level by 20% (18)           

Vitamin K2

This vitamin is generally taken with vitamin D3, because the K2 makes the D3 more effective.  Yet vitamin K2 also works as a testosterone booster on its own.  One study found that that the lab animals which took vitamin K2 had their testosterone levels go up by 50% in 5 weeks.  It has a significant role in spermatogenesis (19).


Boron reduces SHBG levels, and one study found that it boosted free testosterone by 28%.  That same study also found that it caused estrogen levels to go down by 39%.  Another study confirmed these results, with patients who took boron for 2 months had their free testosterone go up by 29.5%.


This is a special ingredient booster that you can find in many other supplements.  Basically, its job (which it does very well) is to make the other ingredients much more effective.  In some cases, it can even cause a 20x improvement in absorption rates (20).

PrimeMale basically targets three biological components of natural testosterone production:

  • Luteinizing hormone (LH)

D-AA-CC, stimulates the anterior pituitary to synthesise LH, and in turn LH directs the leydig cells of testes to secret testosterone.  LH does this function by activating several proteins in a cascade like G-Protein coupled receptor, which further activate enzyme adenylyl cyclase.  Further cyclase triggers the pathway of cAMP production in cells.

Moving ahead, the cascade activates Protein Kinases and trigger the phosphorylation of some other proteins in downstream to produce testosterone in male finally.  So ample of researches have done to establish this mechanism.  The main role in the pathway is played by D-AA-CC (21).  The prime Male constitute 1600mg of D-AA-CC.  So here from you can imagine how scientifically the manufacturers have chosen the ingredients of PrimeMale.

Again crossing the limits of LH production, is more fatal for your body, for which the manufactures have taken utmost care to calculate the amount of ingredients to be added and that is only healthy for your body.

There are several functions that LH plays for your body, so this proofs why the manufacturers have stressed so much on LH physiology.  A study on a group of population have conducted where 23 volunteers participated, and they were advised to administer D-AA-CC orally.  It has been observed after 12 days, testosterone level of 20 people (which was around 87% of the population), significantly raised with compared to the basal level (1).     

  • Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG)

Majority of your body testosterone becomes inactive by binding with SHBG, depleting the level of free bio- available testosterone.  As you old the level of SHBG increases in your body hence reducing the bio available testosterone store even more and more. 

The ingredients present in PrimeMale such as Boron, nettle roots, magnesium plays a significant role in preventing the binding of testosterone with SHBG or lowering the blood level of SHBG, so that you can end up with an abundant amount of free bio available testosterone.  

  • Female hormone, estrogen and prolactin.

Studies have shown minimising female hormones estrogen and prolactin will rise your testosterone level.  Therefore the manufacturers have mindfully and scientifically chosen components for PrimeMale that will help your body to accomplish the above task. 

Boron and luteolin reduces the estrogen level by inhibiting the action of enzymes involved in conversion of free testosterone, whereas Mucuna Pruriens helps in reducing the prolactin level.   

Prime Male where to buy and how much it cost:

You will not get PrimeMale in local pharmacy stores.  We recommend you to go online into PrimeMale’s official website, in order to purchase the authentic product.  Again check the authenticity of the article when you are purchasing online.  

How Much Does Prime Male Cost?

As we’ve said, Prime Male is like the luxury brand of the T-booster industry.  A box that’s good for a month costs $69. Other premium T-boosters cost only $60 each.

Buy 2 boxes for $138 (good for 2 months), and you get free shipping when you live in the US or UK.

Buy 3 boxes and it goes for $207, but you get the 4th one free. Shipping is also free, regardless of where you live.

The best deal is to just get 4 boxes for $276, as you get 2 boxes free. That’s 6 boxes all in all, which cuts down the price of a month’s supply to a more reasonable $46 a month.

It is best to think about the cost in daily terms: it costs less than $1.54 a day.  In other words, it costs much less than a cup of coffee.  And Prime Male will make you feel better than any cup of coffee, without giving you side effects like caffeine does.

Money back Guarantee

In case you are not satisfied with the performance of the product, still you don’t have to lose anything!  Anyway you are not at risk!!  YES!  Prime Male offers a 90-day guarantee.  This means you get 3 months to test it out, not like other brands that just give you a 60-day guarantee.  

You’re not pressured to make up your mind quickly about it.   After using 3 months if you don’t get any benefit, simply return back the items and you will get your money refunded back.  After 3 months, you definitely have a good idea whether or not it works for you.  Chances are, it will.

The Overall Conclusion on Prime Male

Let’s cut to the chase, in case you’re impatient and just want the final word.  Is Prime Male any good? Does it actually work?

The overall consensus is that for many older men, it really does work.  Prime Male has received probably thousands of customer reviews, and for most of these reviews the customers are satisfied with the results.

However, you do need to realize that it may not work for you.  This is true for any T-booster or for any health supplement for that matter.  In fact, you can even say it for all types of medicine. Nothing is certain, but the odds are with you when you try Prime Male.

Actually, the odds are arguably even the best with Prime Male, because most men say it works for them.  In many independent review sites, Prime Male even regularly ranks at the very top of the list, simply because it works for so many.

What makes it so effective are the ingredients.  It combines 12 potent ingredients with proper dosages for each ingredient, and the formula is right there on the label.  You won’t find another T booster that uses all of these ingredients with the same amount for each one.

This is crucial, because it’s a common tactic for some health supplements to put in an inadequate amount of an ingredient so that they can say that it’s part of their formula.  In some cases, they may even hide this fact behind the “proprietary formula” scheme.  They just won’t tell you how much you get for each ingredient. For all you know, you get a miniscule amount for each.

The quality of the ingredients is quite high as well. Combine the premium quality of the ingredients with ample amounts for each, and you shouldn’t surprise to find out that Prime Male isn’t cheap.

Buy just a month’s supply for this, and it will cost you $69.  Some of the other T-boosters, even those which are regarded to be just as good as Prime Male, costs less than half as much.  That’s not even counting the cost of the shipping.  It’s probably the price more than anything that keeps Prime Male from being the undisputed best in the T-booster industry.  But at least there are deals available that can cut down the price.

But for sure this is not a magic pill or going to fulfil your target in overnight.  You need to take the supplement for several weeks.  Still in case you remain unsatisfied, as they say nothing you have to lose, because they brought you money back guarantee.   


There are no side effects, and the only effect you enjoy with Prime Male are the results of higher testosterone.  You feel more alive and energetic, you’re able to retain your muscles more easily, and your libido goes up. Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to be lethargic and easily fatigued.  

With Prime Male, you get your money’s worth and you enjoy life a lot more.  If you want to fly high with restoring your testosterone level click the link below!

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