Reasons of Stress in a Relationship

Relationship problems are becoming more and more popular. The rate of divorce has already hit alarming levels and researchers, psychologists and therapists are desperately searching for ways to make things get back on the right track. The big problem is that as adults, we are forced to experience a series of situations that cause a lot of turmoil and that end up causing relationship problems. These situations can be anything, from low income and financial problems to health problems for dear family members. Whatever it is, you need to understand that stress in a relationship can vanish or at least diminish as long as you learn how to talk with each other. By learning more about stress sources and their solutions, it will be easier to avoid disastrous situations. So, here are some of the most common stress sources in a relationship.

1.Will it last?
The survival of the relationship is, without any doubts, a paramount concern. This is usually a concern for couples who have only been together for a few months and who’ve had some rough days and a few fights. What can help you in such a situation? Well, it is obvious that this is the perfect moment for a discussion on commitment. Clarify the thoughts and the plans that you both have and make sure that you are both heading towards the same direction.

2. Getting overly-emotional.
There might be all sorts of situations that lead you to becoming overly-emotional. If this happens, the feeling of safety and support from your partner completely disappears. What can be done in a situation like this? Avoid anything that leads to reckless, foolish fights and discuss, discuss, discuss about everything.

3. Domination to prove you are right.
Therapists meet dozens and dozens of couples facing domination problems. It is not unusual for couples to launch themselves in a domination battle. It can be triggered by a simple thing, a simple, daily activity, such as grocery shopping. If you want one thing and your partner wants another thing, you’re on thin ice. Is there a magic trick to avoid a domination battle? Of course there is! You need to only make suggestions, not final choices and present arguments for these choices.

4. Not listening to your partner.
Always, always, always try to listen to what your partner is trying to tell you. It is extremely important to first listen to what your partner wants to share with you, then take the time to digest the information. It is only after doing this that you can answer, interfere and point out everything that you want to re-discuss. If you don’t have good listening skills, learn how to develop them.

5. Remaining silent about all sorts of concerns.
One of the most common and harmful stress concerns in a relationship is, without a doubt, remaining silent about all sorts of concerns. A lot of people wrongly think that the relationship will remain safe if they remain silent. Well, these people couldn’t be more wrong. By remaining silent about all sorts of concerns or things that you don’t like about your partner, you will only gather frustrations and negative feelings which will burst at one moment or another. When this happens, be prepared for a conflict that will surely have the power to terminate the relationship, especially if you don’t know how to handle it. Always discuss about even the smallest concern, disappointment or thing that disturbs you about your partner; do this with calm and in a low voice tone and you’ll see that everything will be sorted out.
Modern relationships tend to be created very fast, they move forward even faster and they end up just as they began. The modern couple doesn’t know how to communicate, couples don’t know how to find or make time for one another and people tend to think that anything they say in a high voice tone will sort out the problem. Well, things don’t work like that!

If you are in a relationship in which no matter how hard you both tried, you still can’t find an efficient way to communicate, then don’t be hesitant and search for specialized help. Going to the therapist doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a problem that cannot be solved; it can also mean that you both love the relationship you are forming and that you both want it to work as good as possible. Professional help is not available, so don’t hesitate to use it in your favor! I know for sure that nothing works better than some therapy performed before your problems become very deep. The therapist can teach you all sorts of tricks and tips to use in difficult situations, so you’ll only have benefits from such a visit. Just be smart and open minded about solutions of this type!


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