Scientifically Proven Ways to Attract the Opposite Sex

There are dozens of scientific research programs now ongoing, all having the same goal: to unveil the mechanisms behind sexual attraction. What makes us feel attracted by the opposite sex? What is it that makes a person choose a certain sexual mate? How can you increase your chances to attract the opposite sex? There are numerous questions that don’t have an answer yet but science has discovered ways to attract the opposite sex. Science confirms that attractive people truly have a lot of advantages in life; this is already a proven fact. However, if you haven’t been lucky enough to pull the genetic lottery winning ticket, there are ways in which you can easier attract the opposite sex. Here’s a short list.

Men and women- eat more fruit and vegetables. By doing this, your skin will have a healthier look and naturally beautiful skin is attractive.

Women- always wear a nice lipstick. Manchester University researchers have concluded that lips represent the most attractive part of the female body. Of course, they become even more attractive when a red lipstick is applied, so keep one at hand all the time.

Men- try not to reveal your feelings from the beginning. A study published in the “Psychological Science” journal shows that there are more chances for a woman to feel attracted by a man if she doesn’t really understand what his feelings and thoughts are.

Men and women- always wear a smile. There is no better accessory than a nice smile. When it comes to the laws of attraction, a great smile is the key to success. As a woman, if you plan on catching the eye of a man, then you need to present a genuine smile. A fake one will have the opposite result: it will make men stay away from you. As a man, a great smile will make you more attractive, so women will be more willing to enter a random conversation with you or accept a drink from your part.

Don’t wear too much perfume. This is something that applies both to men and women. Don’t you hate those people who leave a horrible scent as they pass, even long minutes after they’ve already passed? Well, don’t be that man or woman! A spritz of perfume on your body is more than enough to create a signature scent that will attract the opposite sex, so use just that!

Play hard to get. Playing the cat and mouse game is always something that will attract both men and women. It simply is something that draws attention and something that make both men and women feel more interested in each other. Creating some mystery will keep the attention at high levels, so make sure you do that! If you don’t know how to do that, then learn how to do it!

Be funny. Who doesn’t appreciate a good laugh? A witty sense of humor shows that you are intelligent and fun to be around to. This is why funny people are more attractive than the cold, grumpy ones.

Show confidence. There are scientific studies that show just what a major attractiveness point confidence is. If you are not a quite confident type of person, you should know that this is something you can learn.

Show an effortlessly, natural beauty. Yes, we live in an era in which breast augmentation, lip injections and all sorts of other plastic surgery treatments are highly popular, which is why natural beauty is even more appreciated. You don’t have to look perfect in order to be beautiful. It is obvious that every single person has their flaws and if you know how to nicely show them, you will be much appreciated!

There are all sorts of things that you can try in order to easier attract the opposite sex. The ones mentioned above are nothing else but some of the most important and popular ones! Of course that whichever you notice to work for you is worth being put into practice. What is important is for you to know when enough is enough and how to impose certain limits. As long as you know how to do this, you can be sure of the fact that the outcome will be in your advantage.

After all, we all need to understand that if we don’t click with a person from the first time we see that person, there’s a big chance for nothing too good to come out of it. If you want to be 100% sure that you easily attract the opposite sex, then simply be a nice person, work on your personality and try to look good. There’s nothing more attractive than a genuinely good person! Work on this level and the outcome will be as expected! I know you can do it!


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