Semenax Review

Semenax Review

Don’t you want to impress your partner? Improve your fertility? Enjoy prolonged and pleasurable orgasms?

It’s true— “Sexual slow-down” and “decrease in sperm count” in men can happen due to lots of reasons; aging being the unavoidable one. Instead of fixing the situation, many tend to silently accept their fates. You don’t have to anymore!

Millions of men around the world face the same issue. Improvement of sperm volume is indeed a stressing concern that affects a man’s pride. To remain desirable and increase your partner’s sexual pleasure, natural semen enhancers are now available one click away.

Semenax could be the right solution to your problem. Read through before you make your life-changing decision.


Product Rating:
  • Natural ingredients and extracts
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Free global shipping
  • Exciting and Exclusives deals are only available on the official website
  • Retail purchasing is not economical

Semenax is a unique combination formulated by a team of medical experts and nutritionists who understand the needs of the male body. The research, teamwork, and hard work lead to the creation of a potent formula of essential vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts to increase semen volume, sperm count, the intensity of orgasm, and improve sexual performance.

Semenax is the only natural semen volume enhancer in the market that has been clinically studied around the globe and proven to deliver real results. The studies claim that men who used Semenax saw an increase of total semen volume of a minimum of 25% on average, with many men seeing an increase of 50% in a short time period of usage.

There are thousands of men from around the globe who have seen incredible results including increased stamina, semen volume, sperm count, and high libido. All it required was to take 4 capsules every day, 2 at a time, carry out a routine workout schedule and diet plan. You can start seeing the outcomes within two weeks itself.

Leading Edge Health, the manufacturer of Semenax, manufactures its products in the USA under FDA-approved facilities. They are confident in their product and offer a 67-day money-back guarantee to prove their point. That gives you plenty of time to try Semenax and see the incredible results for yourself!

Semenax features

The volume of ejaculation is a matter of pride for many men. It reflects their masculinity and fertility. The supplements supercharge your sperm production without causing any side effects.
That way, you can satisfy your partner always!

  • Enhances semen volume naturally
  • Improves semen function
  • Boosts libido
  • Better orgasms
  • Promotes sexual health

What does Semenax do?

Semenax not only helps to increase the semen volume and sperm count but initiates many changes including the rise in secretion of the sex hormone testosterone which supports the process of spermatogenesis and spermiation

The increase in the levels of sex hormone testosterone will increase the semen volume and sperm count naturally. Hence the product is claimed to have no side effects.

The formula contains potent natural ingredients and their extracts work on various mechanisms in your body to encourage prolonged, more impressive, and stronger orgasms.

Ingredients of Semenax

Semenax Ingredient List
  • Ingredients of Semenax
  • Zinc Aspartate (20% elemental Zinc) (30 mg)
  • Butea Superba (root) (500 mg)
  • L-Carnitine (500 mg)
  • Maca (root) (400 mg)
  • Pine Bark Extract (300 mg)
  • L-Arginine HCI (250 mg)
  • L-Lysine (250 mg)
  • Catuaba (bark) (200 mg)
  • Epimedium Sagittatum (leaf) (150 mg)
  • Muira Puama (bark) (100 mg)
  • Hawthorne (berry) (50 mg)
  • Cranberry Extract (seed) (50 mg)
  • Tribulus Terrestris (vine) (50 mg)
  • Avena Sativa extract (seed) (50 mg)
  • Sarsaparilla (root) (50 mg)
  • Swedish Flower (pollen) (50 mg)
  • Pumpkin (seed) (30 mg)

Other ingredients are: Cellulose, Gelatine, Vegetable stearate, Silicon dioxide.

Ingredients attributes

Vitamin E (as dl-tocopherol acetate) (60IU)

Vitamin E is the most important component of Semenax. Being a strong antioxidant, it protects the sperms from the adverse effects of organic molecules or free radicals.

Numerous studies say that Vitamin E not just improves the production of sperm but also its mobility as well. Sperm abnormalities account for more than 80% of male infertility. So by neutralizing free radicals and increasing your Vitamin E levels the quality and quantity of your semen production will ultimately improve and increase.

Zinc Aspartate (20% elemental Zinc) (30mg)

The main reason for sexual dysfunctions in males is due to decreased levels of sex hormones. Zinc plays a key role in the production of testosterone. It is also a vital nutrient for our body since it plays a major role in maintaining our immune system.

Butea Superba (root) (500mg)

Butea Superba Extract (also known as Red Kwao Krua) is a popular traditional medicine. It has been used for centuries to help men improve their sexual performance by increasing sperm count and improving sperm motility.

L-Carnitine (500mg)

L-Carnitine has been shown to not only give you energy for better stamina and performance in the bedroom but will also help to improve your erection strength. L-carnitine being a powerful antioxidant, helps to get rid of free radicals having adverse effects on sperm quality.

Maca (root) (400mg)

Maca, also known as an adaptogenic plant, is mainly used in traditional medicine. It helps to overcome physical, physiological, psychological, and biochemical stress and enhances sex drive.


Pine Bark Extract (300mg)

Although Pine bark does not directly interfere in sperm production and spermatogenesis, it has a prominent role in the maturation and quality of sperm produced hence resulting in improved fertility.

L-Arginine HCI (250mg)

L-arginine is an amino acid that gets converted in the body into Nitric oxide. Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow and is essential for achieving an erection. It is therefore believed to have the potential to treat erections and ejaculation disorders and is among the most popular ingredients in male sexual enhancement supplements.

L-Lysine (250mg)

It has a double effect on males having sexual dysfunctions. It mainly increases Libido and has a major role in increasing sperm motility.


Catuaba (bark) (200mg)

Catuaba is an exclusive content only seen in Chinese folk medicine. Its effect in enhancing male sexual health and infertility is described to be almost magical.


Epimedium Sagittatum (leaf) (150mg)

Epimedium Sagittatum leaf extract contains the active moiety icariin. Lab studies have shown that icariin blocks the effects of the PDE5 enzyme that restricts blood flow to the penis.


Muira Puama (bark) (100mg)

“Viagra of the Amazon” is the description given for Mujra Pumas. It helps to boost testosterone production and reduce the chances of infertility.

Hawthorne (berry) (50mg)

Hawthorne is a plant that could potentially decrease the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Extracts from all parts of these species are usually utilized. However, Semenax uses specially extracted content from its berries to stimulate blood flow for harder erections.

Cranberry Extract (seed) (50mg)

Urinary tract disorders can also affect fertility. It is clinically proven that extracts of cranberry can prevent and treat lower urinary tract infections. Some in vitro studies also show that cranberries have a penile relaxant effect.

Tribulus Terrestris (vine) (50mg)

Tribulus has been used for decades to treat, manage and enhance sexual dysfunctions in males. It is an important ingredient in the testosterone booster formulas.
It boosts testosterone levels and stamina of the body allowing you to perform better between the sheets.

Avena Sativa extract (seed) (50mg)

Avena Sativa also known as wild oats is well known for its aphrodisiac qualities. It helps in increasing the levels of male sex hormones and also improving erectile function.

• Sarsaparilla (root) (50mg)
Sarsaparilla is a rather powerful and potent aphrodisiac. Along with increasing libido, it also contributes to the healthy functioning of the urinary system.

Swedish Flower (pollen) (50mg)

Swedish Rose or Rose pollen is known for its ability to produce a greater volume of fluid during the climax. It even boosts stamina and virility producing stronger and intense orgasms.

Pumpkin (seed) (30mg)

Zinc is the main mineral component found in pumpkin seeds.
The main reason for reduced sperm quality and infertility in men is due to low zinc levels. Libido in men is also associated with the level of zinc present in the body.

Semenax Ingredients

What changes does it make?

After men cross the age of 45, their libido starts to diminish at a rapid pace so much so that by the time they reach 55-60 their natural testosterone production ability reduces by a whopping 90%. This leads to frustration and can also result in fostering feelings of low self-worth, poor esteem, depression, stress, anxiety, mental pressure, and other similar problems that can significantly affect a person’s physical health. When it comes to male anatomy, the issue with testosterone is of grave dismay.

Semenax is a wellness composition that has been designed to help tackle intimate performance issues that many men face in the modern world. Thanks to the natural formula of Semenax, it is able to deliver excellent results within just a few days of use. Since all the active ingredients are natural, Semenax can be safely used for prolonged periods without any risk of side effects.

All the ingredients are clinically validated for their potency and have been found to maximize one’s performance abilities. The manufacturer assure that each of the agents works to maximize the operational capacity of our internal organs, thereby allowing users to produce and ejaculate more semen.

From another point of view, Semenax enables penile muscle contraction for a longer duration thus maximizing the orgasm and pleasure ratio of both partners, resulting in a healthy sexual life

Benefits of Semenax

  • Increase in semen production
  • Rapid increase in sperm count
  • Improves male libido
  • Long-lasting and intense orgasm
  • Enhanced sexual performance
  • Better mood
  • Strong erection
  • High stamina and virility

Direction for use

Prescription is not required to purchase Semenax as it is just like consuming a nutritional supplement.

Men over the age of 21 can use Semenax. However, it is wise for men below 25 to not meddle with normal biological function at this young age. The supplement is concocted in a way to help maximize one’s bedroom performance abilities. As the name suggests, the product comes replete with a number of potent aphrodisiacs that are designed to increase the production of semen in the body.

Each bottle of the supplement comes with a one-month supply. The daily dosage is four pills which can be taken 2 at a time through the day. Each bottle contains 120 pills.
You can even try the recommendation of users seen in the reviews
You can attain success even with a lower dosage. But the results will be at a slower pace as compared to the recommended 4 pills per day.

Due to overwhelmingly satisfying results, people tend to use it nonstop for months at a stretch which may cause dependency on the product. Dependency can alter the normal physiology of the body and makes your system lazy. Therefore, it is recommended to take small breaks every few months to make sure all the functions are at a regular pace.

Who should and who shouldn’t use Semenax?

This product is for men above the age of 21 who are unhappy with the sensory intensity of their orgasms or the volume of ejaculation.

The product is not recommended to men above the age of 65. If you’re on prescription medications, have any pre-existing medical conditions or have had any surgery, recurrent UTIs, or anything of the sort, consult with your doctor before using Semenax.

Does it have any Side effects?

Semenax is holding the top position in the market due to the 100% success rate for users. Since the ingredients include natural herbs and their extracts it nearly has no side effects. 

Take note of its ingredients in order to avoid any kind of allergic reactions.

Apart from the fact that one in a dozen may not have had any effect with the supplement, to date, there has been no reported side effects.

Experience of users around the world

Look at the reviews of few Semenax users

I am super pleased with this product. After 2 weeks of using this product I can tell a big difference in the way I climaxed and the volume of semen I produced. This stuff really works. I mean it really works. No that I have used it for over a month the results are even better. I have my self-esteem back and feel like a real man. I would recommend everyone to purchase this product if you want to restore your manhood back to your younger years. I love this product and highly recommend it. If not for yourself then for your partner.

-Tim R.

I have to admit that at the beginning of taking it I did not see any change, but at the same time, I remembered that the product is made from natural ingredients and I remembered that natural products take a while to take effect, so I kept taking it and practically three and a half weeks later I began to see the changes and they were excellent. my semen increased in volume and comes out thicker. Now my partner and I are incredibly happy again and I can only thank the creators of this great product. So if you are reading this, what are you waiting for?

-Adalberto S.

I originally bought Semenax to hopefully improve semen volume, which it has. I’ve taken more supplements than I can count on to help me with that issue. But at 53 years old, I was also having issues with actual desire as well. Semenax has actually improved my libido, which I wasn’t expecting. I am also on T replacement, and Semenax has improved my desire so much that I don’t even need to take my T shots anymore. I have enough desire to satisfy my girlfriend AND caught the attention of my ex too. Probably TMI, but it really has lived up to my expectations.

-James A.

More testimonials of users who had considerable changes after using Semenax are available on the official website

Shipping and Refund policy

Free global shipping is available for three packages of Semenax.

All orders will be shipped within one business day of being processed from warehouses around the USA. In case you purchase in bulk and find that the capsule isn’t working for you, you can get your money back with their 100% Money-Back “EMPTY Container GUARANTEE”

If you are not satisfied using Semenax, simply return the empty containers of Semenax within 67 days from the date of delivery for a full refund excluding shipping charges. Do you wish to take advantage of the price discount by ordering multiple containers together, don’t worry! Any unopened containers returned along with your first two opened containers within the 67-days money-back guarantee period from the date of delivery will also be eligible for a full refund excluding shipping charges.

Special deals

Semenax is claimed to be one of the most effective, proven semen volume enhancers on the market and it won’t break the bank. Semenax offers free global shipping for three month supply and above. There are four different packages to choose from – with steep discounts on larger orders.
The current packages available are :

One month supply



(Save 20$ from retail)

Three month supply



(Save $85 from retail)

Six month supply



(Save $190.95 from retail)

Twelve months supply



(Save $559.45 from retail)

Should I choose Semenax?

“The only thing better than sex is amazing sex” and this could be made possible with Semenax. This pill is responsible for enhanced orgasms for men worldwide who were once depressed due to multiple sexual dysfunctions but now are totally satisfied with more intense climaxes than ever.

Semenax is one of the best male enhancement products that promise big improvements and delivers on its promises. Thousands of Semenax users worldwide have improved their sexual performance and seen an increase in semen volumes and sperm count.

Remember, while some products do wonders for one person, it may also not for some others. It’s always great to give a try to find out what works best for you. You can also read more about the product from its official website to know more details.


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