Penis extenders are becoming a more popular product that men buy. And yes it’s not only older men who are shopping to increase their penis size; even young men also crave for a larger dick.  The truth is that size does matter to women. Even though they may not be quick to admit it, a lot of women find a penis that fits the walls of their vagina to be more sexually satisfying than one that doesn’t. For this reason, many men are bothered about the size of their penis. But just before you spend your money on any penis enlargement product, you most certainly will need to do a little research to find out whether or not the product can really provide the desired results

SizeGenetics is one of the HOTTEST men’s sexual organ extender in the market. But does it really add a few more inches to your penis or is it just hypeɁ

SizeGenetics is one of the most popular penis enlargement devices on the market. As a matter of fact, there are thousands of men who are giving out reviews and testimonies about how the SizeGenetics penis extender has improved their sex life. The truth still remains that a lot of these reviews you find online are not based on personal experience and is written using the claims of the manufacturers of this penis extender.

I was just like you 6 months ago, looking for a credible SizeGenetics review that is based on a personal experienced instead of one that is based on the manufacturer’s claims. After looking up all the major search engines and review sites, I found nothing tangible. This left me with no other choice than to try the product myself and give a credible SizeGenetics review afterward so here is my honest review of Size Genetics.

The SizeGenetics extender is a medical type 1 device so I was certain that I wouldn’t encounter any risk while using the product. I purchased the product from the manufacturer’s website and have used the product for more than 6 months now. Having used the product for that long, I can give you a credible review from my personal experience using the SizeGenetics penis extender. I’m here to help you discover the real information about SizeGenetics penis extender


What is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics (2) is a male enhancement product that helps increase the size of the male reproductive organ and yes, it does, I have seen a significant growth on my member since I started using this product.  SizeGenetics is a penis extender that increases the length and girth when taken regularly for a period of 6 months to 1 year. There have been reports that some people do grow up to half an inch in the first few weeks of consuming the product, I can give the same report too because hell yes, my manhood has become a real MANHOOD!

It is one of the first penis extenders to be approved by the FDA. SizeGenetics makes use of the same principle of adding muscle to any other part of the body. It is safe to say that it helps to add more muscle to the male reproductive organ which results in an increase in size and length. With weight lifting, the muscles of the biceps are broken down and replaced with larger tissues which result in larger biceps. So it is with the SizeGenetics which stretches the penis with the help of mechanical traction increasing the length and size of the penis over a period of time.

SizeGenetics has been around since 1995 and has scaled all the necessary safety approvals as it has been clinically tested and is endorsed by well-known medical practitioners. It comes in three packages which differ by their components and price. The Ultimate System, the Advanced Comfort, and the Value Edition.

Users Review and Comments

While there is a lot of controversy as to the efficiency of the SizeGenetics penis extender, a lot of people who have used the products in the past gave it a highly positive rating and after using the product myself I noticed that the reviews were real and not just a marketing strategy by the manufacturer. Apart from some pains and discomfort with having to put on the extender, there is really not much of a downside with using the extender. Personally, I would give the SizeGenetics extender 4 stars as it provides a long-term solution when looking to increase the size of your penis compared to pills and penis pump which provides more of a temporary solution.

Males who have used the SizeGenetics extender and gave a review of the product  had mixed feelings about the product. Out of 5 males who dropped a review, 3 gave the product a 5* review while 2 other had a not so positive review about the product.

Michael from the United States gave the product a 5* review and said “I can say I was skeptical at first, but it works, it really does. When I got mine, I wore my extender for about 14 -18 hours a day for 3 weeks and gained a half inch in length and girth. I am using the next size up, and I am excited to see what the results are after a year. Don’t be afraid to take breaks from wearing it. And gradually work your way to using longer rods”.

Les also gave the product a 5* review and said that “I have been using this now on and off for about a year and have to say that it works for me. I was born with a small penis and although I have never had any complaints from partners, I wanted to see if I could get some improvements. I started off 3.3 inches flaccid and 4 and a half inches erect. After wearing the device for a total of 100 hours, I have now gained half an inch flaccid and erect 5 and three quarters, plus the girth has increased substantially”.

Fabricio on the other hand, had a not too good experience using the SizeGenetics extender as he said “I bought SG 1 month ago, and I regret because that device hurts too much. I can’t wear it for over 4 hours straight.” 


Having used the SizeGenetics penis extender for more than 8 months, I can tell you with all certainty that the product does actually give you results. This actually becomes visible from the first 4 to 6 weeks of using the product for more than 4 hours daily. When starting out on the product for the first time, it is normal to experience discomfort with using the extender especially getting the tip of the penis to fit in properly. But with careful use, it doesn’t pose any serious risk to your penis. The extender is also capable of correcting a curved penis.

Some people claim to get quicker results and grow up to 2 inches in the first 3 months, but that’s probably because they wear the extender for more than 10 hours daily. If you want to get a quick result in the shortest possible time, then you might want to have the extender on your penis for longer hours daily.

The science of the SIzeGenetics penis extender

How does the SIzeGenetic extender workɁ This is a common question anyone who is looking to buy the penis extender will probably be asking? The working principle of the SizeGenetics penis extender works simply by stretching and extending the muscles of your penis. The extender operates similarly to weight lifting. With weight lifting, your muscles go through constant tearing and healing which results in an increase in muscles size. So it is with the penis extender which when worn, results in microscopic tearing and healing of the penile muscles which allows for more blood flow inside the penis resulting in an increase in size and length. The extender doesn’t exert any weight on the penis, rather it gently and steadily stretches the penis to make it bigger and firmer.

Once the extender is worn over the penis, it begins to carry out its function. And according to medical experts, the stretching of the penis by an extender results in the splitting and stretching of cells which is the same as bodybuilding. After a while, the cells heal resulting in new cells and a larger penis. The SizeGenetics extender is also capable of fixing the bent penis syndrome which causes discomfort during intercourse.

The SizeGenetics penis extender was designed by a team of American and Danish scientists. It is manufactured with components that are resistant to wear and tear. It uses two rings for which the extender attaches to the penis, then the elongation bars, comfort pads, and straps are in place to ensure that you get the perfect fit.

Side Effects or Complaints with the use of SizeGenetics Penis Extender

The most common problem associated with the use of the extender is that it’s discomforting to some people especially at the tip of the penis. Let’s face it, having to wear something on the penis for a couple of hours every day for months can be discomforting. I felt he discomfort at first but nowadays when I wear it I can even forget that something rare is down there. The truth is that when you are looking to increase the size of your penis, you most likely won’t want to go for a pill. As pills like Viagra and Cialis only improve your sexual performance and don’t improve the size of your penis. But with penis enlarger, you can be certain that there will be an increase in both girth and length of your penis after a period of continuous use. While some people might not give the penis extender a good review, I can bet that she will like it more after you have considered getting your SizeGenetics soon before she starts going out looking for the best orgasms.

Where to Buy SizeGenetics Penis Extender

It is safe to buy SizeGenetics extender directly from the manufacturer’s website since with the manufacturers you are assured of genuine products of high quality. Remember that to ensure that you get the extender as designed by the manufacturer and to guarantee results, endeavor to buy directly from the manufacturers. Don’t go for cheaper imitations that come with more side effects than positive results. Imitations are made from low-quality materials that can pose a serious risk to your penis.

SizeGenetics versus other penis extenders

How does the SizeGenetics penis extender differ from other available brands of extender? First of all, the SizeGenetics is decades old and is a household name when it comes to a quality extender. Since it was first introduced, it has received a wide patronage from men who are looking to increase the size of their penis. This is not to say that there aren’t other brands of penis extender that are capable to adding extra inches to your joystick, but if you need something that is tested and trusted, I will advise you settle for the SizeGenetics extender. Although other brands might be a lot cheaper than the SizeGenetics extender, I wouldn’t mind the extra bucks just to get the assurance that I will get the desired results from using the product. The low-quality brands, for example, are cheap and might seem like a good offer, but they don’t last long and normally don’t have a replacement part for when you need a replacement. Plus they also don’t have a warranty or customer service that deals with complaints and inquiry. 

SizeGenetics Packages Available for Purchase

There are three packages of SizeGenetics designed by the manufacturers. These packages are designed to suit individual needs. These packages differ from one another depending on their components and price. When you purchase any of the packages, you get free shipping to any part of the world. In addition, all products come with a 6 months money back guarantee. The three available packages are

–    SizeGenetics Ultimate System

–    SizeGenetics Comfort Package

–    SizeGenetics Value Addition

Remember that in order to be assured of a device that meets your needs, you need to purchase the extender from the official website of the manufacturer or other accredited retailers.


When it comes to increasing the size of your penis, you most certainly will want to go for a penis extender instead of pills and other herbal remedies that only improve sexual performance and have no effect on the growth of your penis. Surgical penis enlargement on the other hand is an expensive and a very painful alternative to increasing the size of your penis. Let’s face it, you don’t want to get a knife and needle anywhere your penis when there is a much safer and guaranteed way to increase the size of your penis.

SizeGenetics penis extender has been around for decades and has provided resounding results to thousands of men who have used the product in the past. Personally, I find it to be a good option than having to undergo surgery. To get the desired results quickly, the extender has to be worn for more than 5 hours daily for a period of 6 months to notice more than 1 inch increase in size of the penis. There are more positive reviews than negative reviews with using the SizeGenetics extender, for this reasons and others such as the fact that the brand has been around for a while, I will give the extender a score of 8 out of 10 when it comes to increasing the size of the penis.

If you have any questions or will like to share more information about the SizeGenetics penis extender, kindly share it in the comment section. If you also find this article highly informative, feel free to share it with members of your circle.


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