SizeGenetics Review

SizeGenetics Review

SizeGenetics Review

Are you stressed out over the size of your member? SizeGenetics is a male enhancement product that can help with that. Below we will go over the product in more detail, but this is not an overnight solution. It can take several months to gain a permanent increase, up to 3 inches. If you have the patience for this, keep reading.

What is SizeGenetics?

This product is marketed as an extender to increase girth and length when taken consistently over a period of 8 months. There are reports of some getting half an inch of growth within the first few weeks, but to retain this increase SizeGenetics must be continuously used. The average report over 6 months is up to 1-inch and just under 2-inches after 1 year. After the device has been worn for 12 months, results can be permanent. However, results will fade away if not worn the recommended time.

How it works

Being the first penis extender device approved by the FDA, it works based around the principle of building muscle. As weights are lifted, the muscle tissues break down and get replaced with larger tissues. The device works by stretching the penis with mechanical traction progression over time. This helps to add length, but takes 6 to 12 months to be permanent.

Why are Penis Extenders Popular?

The main reason for their popularity is the long-term results in both anecdotal and clinical areas when compared to the temporary results of a penis pump. Extenders are able to be worn discreetly for hours each day, rather than minutes by a pump. Although, instant results do not occur like with a pump.

For those suffering with Bend Penis Syndrome, SizeGenetics can be used to help correct a curved penis, while receiving the gains in length.

How is SizeGenetics Used?

The device requires being worn daily, for several hours. The SizeGenetics extender recommends wearing it for 3 to 5 hours per day over a 6-month period for optimal results. If soar, a 1 to 2-day break can allow for healing, but taking breaks too frequently can result in less than optimal results. It will start out uncomfortable, taking up to three weeks to get used to.

The elongation bars will need to be adjusted based on the size of your member so that the penis has tension applied, but not uncomfortably tight. Usually, the correct tension can be found using trial and error during the first few days. To be successful, the initial few days will need to be persisted through. After all, the longer you can wear the device the quicker results will appear.

It come with an instructional DVD, along with the full kit. The important thing is to start slow, and build up. For example, wearing it for 1 hour the first day, then when it becomes more comfortable, increase.

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SizeGenetics Review


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