Stud 100 Review


If you are looking for an effective and cheap way to solve your premature ejaculation problem then check out Stud 100. This is a form of a spray that empowers you to have long-lasting and enjoyable sex performance.

Below are some of its benefits:

  1. Allows long-lasting performance.
  2. Avoid premature ejaculation.
  3. No need to wait long for it to take effect.

Knowing more about premature ejaculation

Some people release cum even during foreplay. Hence, premature ejaculation occurs. And though this can have a significant impact on one’s sex life, some people opt to keep the problem to themselves and just hope that it will resolve by itself. Unfortunately, this is not how things work, especially with premature ejaculation issues.

A lot of men suffer from PE (premature ejaculation), causing them embarrassment and inferiority. For them, this only shows that they are not “man enough”. If you are among these men who experience PE then you know what it feels when your bed partner is not satisfied with your performance. However, you don’t have to suffer much since there are solutions to your problem. One product that is worth trying for is Stud 200. This is a topical spray that desentisizes your genitals so you can go on and enjoy having sex with your partner for hours. If this is what you want to happen then may as well read along.


Brief Introduction About Stud 100

This product is formulated by a licensed pharmaceutical to enhance male performance. It hopes to treat premature ejaculation problem. This acts fast, very effective and most of all, safe to use. It follows the requirements set by US FDA which guarantees its safety.

Sex is both a science and art. And the longer you perform it, the better. No matter how many “right moves” you have learned to have a pleasurable lovemaking experience, all these are useless if your body doesn’t allow you to perform these moves. That’s why you need Stud 100 topical spray. This product will be in charge of the science aspect of sex so you can have all the fun and excitement that you dream of.

Stud 100: What does it offer?

Stud 100 is made with one purpose in mind and that is to temporarily cure premature ejaculation.  The advantages of using this product are as follows:

  • Can be applied with ease, no need to ask for assistance.
  • Allows you to shake the bedroom through hard rock erections.
  • Early orgasm will be a thing of the past.
  • It is not toxic.
  • It is odorless and ozone friendly.
  • One bottle can be used 120 times.
  • Increases your overall self- confidence.

How It Works?

Lidocaine is one ingredient of Stud 100 which acts to reduce your penis’ sensitivity, hence allowing longer bed performance than you used to. Increase sexual stamina is another benefit that it offers, making it ideal for men experiencing premature ejaculation. Since lidocaine is absorbed when applied to the penis, it acts by desensitizing its nerve endings, allowing it to work effectively. For Stud 100 to be more effective, apply it to the shaft and head of your penis prior to sexual intercourse.


Its main ingredient is lidocaine which works as desensitizer. It also contains inactive compounds like isopropyl myristate, stearic acid, solvent and mild fragrance. Stud 100 acts as a mild anesthetic since it lessens the sensitivity of your member, allowing a longer bed performance.

How To Use It?

Stud 100 needs to be applied 10-15 minutes before engaging in a sexual intercourse. It is packed in a bottle that is equipped with a measured pump. Hence, you can be sure that you apply the same amount every time you spray it.  There is no specific dosage as to how many sprays you need to apply since each person can have a different desensitizing need, but limit its use to 1-10 sprays only in each application. You can start with a small dose, increasing over time.

Meanwhile, Stud 100 comes in 7.16 fl. oz. bottle, which can be sprayed 120 times. Hence, you can use this for at least 40 sexual encounters with 3 sprays every time. You can talk with your partner and decide or experiment on the dosage that works best for you.

Side Effects of Stud 100

This product is a mild anesthetic. Hence, it will always be safe if you start small, should your body manifest any undesirable side effects.  But when used in right amount, no side effects can be experienced according to various medical research and testing conducted. But there are people who may have allergies to lidocaine as manifested by rashes or burning sensations. In such case, it is best to look for other options and these are the products that do not contain lidocaine.

Where to Buy Stud 100?

The safest is to buy the product from its official website. Be aware that there are sites selling counterfeit products, mostly coming from China. Their packaging looks the same as the authentic products but they are offered at cheaper prices. Hence, many people are lured into buying them.

Still, it is best to buy the original product since it backs your investment up with its 60 days money back guarantee. Hence, there is no reason why you need to buy its counterfeits.


Final Words

There are many male enhancing products these days but only a few proved their promises to be right. But if you invest on Stud 100, you will never be disappointed since every penny spent for this product is always worth it.





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