TestoFuel!!  Here we bring another health product to make you a complete a man, cultivate confidence within you to stand before your mirror, to cheer up the body, you dreamt of!!  After all we care for your health! 

Human body can be said as a living machine.  Just like machines have a life span, require servicing and lubrication from time to time for maintaining efficiency, so as your body needs!  It’s very common, as you old basically when you hit your 30s, your clinical condition starts dropping gradually.  Initially the drop is negligible to be detected, but gradually over years it magnifies. 

As a man the most and very common clinical condition you suffer from is the dropping down of your testosterone level as you old.  When you are a man, the testosterone level is what keeps your clinical condition up to the level, providing you a better standard of living.  So in today’s mechanical life, where you will go in search of, the nutrients, which will enrich your testosterone level?  

As we say we care for your health, in order to make your life easy here we have brought you a product that will make your life easy and restore the totality of your standard of living doesn’t matter how old you are and how mechanical your life is!!


Product Rating:
  • Increases Muscle Mass
  • Stronger Bones
  • No Side Effects
  • Some find it expensive
  • Dye is Listed In TestoFuel’s Ingredients

Notes for you: Before digging into the story. TestoFuel will help you by the following means:

Why Testofuel?

Knowing Testosterone, is the male hormone, which is solely responsible to make you a man, involve in anabolic processes in your body like, muscle building, maintains body lean mass, increases your work out efficiency, increases your potential at work places, concentration and elevates your sexual drive, desires and influences your overall development.

Coming to the point as you cross your 30s and hit 40s and 50s, your body testosterone repertoire starts declining. Once you experience the drop down, your confidence will be lost, your body stature will be affected, you will start losing your concentration, your work efficiency will be hampered, you will feel tired if you wish to work out, your private bedroom life will be highly affected making you escape from your partner, finally your life will be unstable and unsatisfactory.

Of course this is not an age to think of retirement!! After all life is to live up to its fullest!! So to all your definite problems we get you the solution TestoFuel. TestoFuel can boost your Testosterone levels right back up and get you the energy you need to liven up your day (and your sex life too). It’s also what many gym rats take as a supplement when they’re trying to build greater strength and bigger muscles.

Haven’t you ever wondered why anabolic steroids are popular, and why they’re also banned? Anabolic steroids are basically synthetic testosterone, and on injection into your body this compound dramatically increases your Testosterone levels so you’re able to build bigger muscles quickly. The problem is that synthetic testosterone does weird crap to your mind and body. You can go through psychological problems such as mindless rage and also suffer serious (and even fatal) medical conditions. Though you can be able to develop your body physically, but you will lose the actual strength to energise yourself.

TestoFuel will not cause the same problems, though. That’s because it contains only natural ingredients, and it doesn’t directly add testosterone to your body. Instead, it helps your body to create more testosterone naturally. This means you get the benefits of testosterone, without the dangerous side effects of anabolic steroids.

This product has been designed keeping an eye on sports person athletic people and body builders who are interested to build lean body mass, bigger muscles. Click below to transform your physique!!

Digging deeper into TestoFuel:

Before administering any supplement, you should have an idea about the components with which the supplement is made up off. When it comes on your health, you must be concerned and responsible, as it’s as simple as that your ‘Health is your wealth’.

In UK, a sports supplement company Roar Ambition are the manufacturer of Testofuel. In USA the supplement is manufactured with the FDA and cGMP approved facilities. Here is a matter of confidence for you that manufacturers of TestoFuel have not kept anything secret from you. They have labelled the secret formula of their effort in order to gain your trust and confidence. They have mentioned the ingredients and the amount they have used for the supplement preparation. They have used various components like, D-Aspartic acid, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, vitamin B6, plant aphrodisiacs like Zinseng and Fenugreek, and an animal aphrodisiac called Oyster extract, along with the other major elements, that your body need for boosting of testosterone level are Zinc and Magnesium.

Here, we will let you know scientifically what role these ingredients play in your body in order to boost your testosterone level.


D-Aspartic Acid Sources

D-Aspartic Acid is considered as the key element of the TestoFuel formula. Physiologically D-AA is an endogenous amino acid plays a vital role in balancing testosterone level in your body naturally. Clinically a handsome number of experiments on human being have been conducted to understand the effect of D-AA on testosterone level of both sports people as well as non-sports normal people.

A research on a normal group of men have demonstrated that the level of testosterone in their body have increased by 42⁒, on administration of 3g of D-AA per day. Where ever sports person need to administer a large amount of D-AA to maintain their testosterone level for carrying anabolic activities in their body. D-AA present in all of your endocrine glands including testis.

It is present in your semen as well as spermatozoa. Its concentration in your body is directly proportional to your semen and sperm quality. It stimulates LH and testosterone production in your body (1). Over worldwide D-AA is used to treat infertility, the treatment basically involves enhancement of the sperm quality.

An experiment was conducted, where a group of infertile and sub fertile men were prescribed to take D-AA, orally for 3 months, as a result their fertility elevated tremendously making their women pregnant within 1-3 months, which used to be impossible for them for past two years or more (2).

So, D-AA present in TestoFuel has a potential in solving your multiple problems related to reproductive health. Not only it, works in elevation of your testosterone level, to enhance your sex life, bedroom affairs, anabolic processes like muscle growth, body lean mass growth, but also it targets the well-being of your sperm quality to eradicate chances of possible infertility. When we are providing you ample of information regarding the ingredients with proper citation of researches conducted on, still you are afraid of what!!

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 Sources

These days, Vitamin D deficiency is a major problem with plenty of men and women as well. This is because normally you get your vitamin D by absorbing sunlight. It is so easy to say that you get Vitamin D from sun light and it’s free of cost! But the major point of concern in today’s life and you also need to think about this is, every day, do you get enough amount of Vitamin D, that your body requires?

Here are some very common layman factors about the absorbance of Vitamin D by your body is, firstly it depends how much time you expose yourself under sun, what intensity of sun light will be suitable for you, so that your body can carry out your vitamin D metabolism, secondly the type of cloth you wear, how much it facilitates your skin to absorb sunlight, thirdly the type of pigmentation or skin colour you have, it has been seen, people with dark skin have less efficiency to absorb sunlight and fourthly, the thickness of Ozone layer in the area you are staying in; in case its more thicker the incoming frequency of sunlight coming through have lesser efficiency to get absorbed into your skin and trigger your vitamin D synthesis pathway. Next is it’s not that Vitamin D synthesis occur inside your body within moments, rather it takes some days.

Further let us tell you what are the important role does Vitamin D3 play for you inside your body? It has role in formation, development and in maintenance of your bones, role in your endocrine system, prevention of some forms of cancer, prevention of arthritis, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, psoriasis and psychiatric diseases (3).

Recent researches have opened new dimensions of Vitamin D3 having its role in treatment of erectile dysfunction and replenishment of your testosterone level. More over vitamin D3 has emerged as a hot research topic in 21st century (4).

A study in 2014 showed that when rowers took vitamin D supplements, they reported greater endurance while also enjoying reduced muscle soreness. The vitamin D also improved their cognitive function.

A 2015 study published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport showed that athletes were able to increase the size and strength of their muscles after taking 4,000 IU doses of vitamin D on a regular basis. After increasing the dosage to 5,000 IU, the athletes reported that they enjoyed greater muscle mass and better bone health. They also said that they improved in their athletic performance. In addition, the large doses did not cause any side effects.

TestoFuel contains 5,000 IU of vitamin D, so you’re certainly getting enough of it.

At this point we guess you are enough logical to understand the importance of this vitamin, in terms of its diverse biological functions and availability. So it’s no more logical at all to depend solely on sunlight to synthesise Vitamin D3. Anyway, you need not be get worried about this, because TestoFuel is the right solution for you!

Vitamin K2

We will say TestoFuel makers have mindfully chosen components, who have diverse benefits for your body to provide. Although scientific researches and facts have given utmost care. Like vitamin D3 vitamin k2 will also render you many physiological benefits.

Vitamin K2 decreases the risk of calcification of your arteries, and reduces the risk of blood vessel damage. Basically this vitamin balances your calcium level in body. If you take insufficient calcium that that will cause reduction in your bone mineral density, which can lead to fragile bones leading to osteoporosis. High calcium consumption can cause heart diseases by calcifying or depositing calcium in your blood vessel artery linings causing defective blood flow. So here comes the role of vitamin k2 which decalcifies your blood vessels arteries lowering the risk of heart dysfunction. So vitamin K2 keeps an eye on your calcium intake and metabolism in your body.

Here not stops the function of Vitamin K2, it is further involved in bone formation. The osteoblast cells which remodel your bone secret a substance called osteocalcin, which have role in calcium uptake from blood in order to promote bone mineralisation and make bones stronger. This osteocalcin is activated by Vitamin K2 in order to carry out its function. Again in the next step, vitamin k2 regulates the required calcium level in your blood in its feedback mechanism (5).

Combined to all above functions, it is also involved in boosting your testosterone level by triggering various pathways in body. It also has a role in spermatogenesis (6).

This product merely not only targeting your sexual life but also your overall body mechanisms. Finally not only the testosterone level but also balance in all other components of your system will make you a healthy person what we call a well human being! But the topic of concern is its very difficult to count on different food components where from you can derive this vitamin k2.

In today’s life it’s really a complex job. So, in order to make your life simple and make you concentrate on all other important aspects of your life, here we brought for you the perfect solution TestoFuel.

Oyster Extract

Oyster Extract

It’s long been believed by many that oysters are aphrodisiacs. Science found that there may be some truth to that belief, since oysters are your best sources of zinc.

Plenty of studies show a correlation between testosterone levels and zinc levels. A lot of men who have low T levels tend to have low zinc levels as well. Oysters have a high value for your reproductive health and endurance. It is rich in a source of amino acid called taurine, which has function for your heart and nervous system as well (7).


You get 100 mg of oyster extract, plus another 10 mg of zinc. This makes sure you won’t get a zinc deficiency.

Studies have found that having proper zinc level is crucial for your testosterone level, and they’ve known in from studies conducted as far back as 1981. If you have enough zinc, you increase your levels of luteinizing hormone. This is what causes your leydig cells in testes to release testosterone into your system.

It also keeps your body from turning your testosterone into estrogen. Zinc, eliminates reactive oxygen species formation and elevate antioxidant capability of your body. This will help you to look young, boost your testosterone level, maintain your reproductive health and increase the quality of sperm.

Zinc is basically involved in functioning of the enzymes, which are solely responsible for conversion of testosterone into its active metabolites 5-DHT, which has a role in maintaining the proper clinical testosterone level of your body, by countering to excess testosterone production, through a negative feedback mechanism. Zinc is an essential element that is required for your health, but your body do not have any mechanism to store it. So every day you have to rely on your dietary intake in order maintain your zinc balance (8).

Again it’s very tedious to count on the nutrients that you take in your diet every day. So you can help yourself by taking TestoFuel, which will play multiple functions in your body, like in taking care of your reproductive health, testosterone level, your sexual life and in restoring your physiological Zinc level at one go!



Ginseng is probably one of the most popular aphrodisiac out there, and it’s a favourite ingredient in many T-boosters. It’s true that ginseng has a reputation throughout ancient history as an aphrodisiac, while ancient healers also used it to improve your mood and your cognitive functions.

It plays a wonderful role in enhancing libido, efficient erection, intercourse performances, improves sperm quality and count. Well authenticated statistical studies on different populations, have proved its involvement in improving erectile functions, like maintaining rigidity, penetration and long erection period. The medicinally active element present called ginsenosides triggers endothelial cells to synthesise nitric oxide, which further carries out its action. Nitric oxide triggers relaxation of smooth muscles which further facilitate blood flow to corpus cavernosum, element of erectile body and hence causes efficient erection.

Ginsenosides increases blood testosterone level for enhancing libido through the mechanism as discussed above. Other than that it activates different neurotransmitter for triggering different components of your libido for example, Dopamine for desire, acetylcholine for arousal and GABA for orgasm. (9)

A 2005 issue of Diabetes Care also revealed that ginseng increased insulin sensitivity and improved muscle pumps. These benefits help you burn off fat while you’re better able to maintain your proper weight.



Fenugreek is added to many Testosterone boosters, because of its incredible action in maintaining your free testosterone level. Free testosterone are extremely helpful in carrying out your anabolic functions like body building, muscle development, maintaining your body lean mass, lowering cholesterol level and increase your efficiency to burn fatty acids as an energy source.

But fact is maximum of available testosterone of your body get converted into bound form, by binding to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), lowering the level of free testosterone in your body. This bound form of testosterone is inactive for your physiological processes, hence your anabolic activities are hampered, which in turn affect your physical stature or physique.

However, it’s been discovered that fenugreek prevents SHBG from binding with free testosterone basically by inhibiting the action of the enzymes which are involved in this mechanism, so you end up with higher free testosterone levels (10). A 2010 study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism showed that even low amounts of fenugreek can increase total testosterone and free testosterone levels.

So, TestoFuel manufactures have taken care of to maintain a balance between your free testosterone level and bound testosterone level, establishing a proper testosterone balance in your body.


You may not be taking enough magnesium from your diet, and plenty of studies have revealed that magnesium deficiency is very common these days. Even athletes may be getting less than 70% of the magnesium they need each day.

Magnesium is one of key element which is involved in majority of your biochemical pathways in the form a divalent cation. It is required for functioning of hundreds of your body enzymes, active requirement for enzymes, which are involved in energy production. This element, basically functions in eliminating reactive oxygen species production, which is in turn good for your testis health, testosterone level, and works for anti-ageing.

Many studies on population have shown that Magnesium is directly proportional to your testosterone level of your body (11).

Vitamin B6

In 1984, the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry featured a report that found that men with low testosterone were also generally low on vitamin B6 as well. More recently, the Journal of Biological Chemistry featured a study that revealed boosting vitamin B6 consumption resulted in lowering estrogen levels in men by as much as 30%.

How will TestoFuel work you?

How will TestoFuel work you?

It’s simple enough to say that TestoFuel increases your testosterone levels. Still the multiple natural components present in the supplement, itself tells story of many other benefits for your body. But, finally that simple improvement leads to a very long list of benefits:

Increases Muscle Mass

This is the primary reason why many weight lifters and bodybuilders take TestoFuel. Your strength training becomes more effective with TestoFuel and higher levels of testosterone. You get more energy to lift weights, while the testosterone enables your body to develop bigger muscles more quickly.

Less Body Fat

Yes, this is really true. Higher testosterone boosts your metabolism, so even if you don’t exercise your body actually burns fat faster.

Of course, you really should exercise to burn off fat. The testosterone boosts your energy levels to help you with your gym workouts. This job is basically done by your free testosterone level, which is solely maintained by the component fenugreek.

Improved Heart Health

Plenty of studies show that there’s a definite link between low T levels and cardiovascular issues. One large-scale study involving 83,000 men found that those whose low testosterone levels were returned to normal levels were 36% less likely to have a stroke and 24% less likely to have a heart attack.

Stronger Bones

When T levels drop, bone density decreases. This leads to weak bones and problems like osteoporosis. Vitamin K2 present in TestoFuel, plays a vital role in maintenance of your bone health as well as heart health. Studies reveal that testosterone increases bone density, especially the spinal and hip bones.

Increased Libido

You need testosterone to maintain your erectile function and sex drive. It’s been shown that men with higher T levels in general has a more active sex life, and TestoFuel is loaded with all active components to work for u even more efficiently.

Improved Cognitive Abilities

Many studies have indicated a strong link between T levels and cognitive abilities. Higher T levels let you reason and use logic more quickly, and you’re also better able to remember words. One study found that men (ages 34 to 70) who received testosterone treatment enjoyed better spatial memory (such as better able to navigate a familiar city).

Studies also shown that, those with higher testosterone levels are less likely to have Alzheimer’s disease. It has been observed, testosterone level found to be lower in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and persons with mild cognitive impairment. In these cases testosterone restoration may improve their cognitive condition. It’s always advised older persons to check their blood serum testosterone level (12).

Several studies, have been conducted to understand, do testosterone level has a role to play with cognitive dysfunction? And in results, it has been warranted, yes, your serum testosterone has a direct link with your cognitive ability.

Better Moods

Some experts believe that testosterone can help with depression. Low testosterone is linked to fatigue and irritability, so with higher T levels you should regain your energy and patience. In fact, with higher testosterone you’re even able to recover faster after your workouts. Overall all these will help you to keep your mood up.

TestoFuel, has been designed keeping an eye on all the above aspects along with boosting your testosterone level. Manufacturers mindfully and scientifically collected all 9 natural ingredients to benefit you from different aspects of your physiology.

Therefore, we recommend to use the supplement in order to boost your testosterone level safely and naturally. If a single supplement can work for you in these many ways to enhance your health, your standard of living, then why not to prefer it!!

What makes TestoFuel so special?

By this time you already have known why TestoFuel is so special. Still again to satisfy your queries we will let you know various factors those make TestoFuel so special. After all your haealth is our utmost concern! So here are the factors listed which make TestoFuel so special.

It Helps Your Body to Produce More Testosterone

With anabolic steroids, you receive synthetic steroids. With TestoFuel, you’re now able to have your body producing higher levels of testosterone on its own. That testosterone is natural, which means your body reaps all the benefits without having to deal with the side effects associated with anabolic steroids. After all, why you need to make your body to play inside something, which is not natural and harmful as well.

No Side Effects

Any Side effects have not noted yet with administering the supplement as per prescribed dosage. The reason is that, the supplement contains ingredients, those will make your natural testosterone producing metabolism to boost inside. Natural testosterone made by your own body is utterly safe for you. TestoFuel is completely safe.

No Proprietary Formula

Some supplement brands like to hide their “secret formula” for their products. They claim that this is to prevent their competition from copying their formula. On the surface, this seems reasonable enough. The problem, however, is that you’re unable to do your own research regarding whether this will work for you.

You can’t do a search on each ingredient, so that you can confirm for yourself whether that ingredient can actually work to boost testosterone. It can even be risky, in case you’re actually allergic to one of the ingredients. It’s rare, but it’s possible.

You also don’t know how much of each ingredient you get May be they disclose that their formula contains a well-known T booster, such as D-AA (D-Aspartic Acid). But if the formula contains only a miniscule amount of D-AA, then it won’t work at all.

In contrast, TestoFuel discloses each ingredient it contains. You also know how much of each ingredient you get. You can then confirm online whether all of these ingredients work, and whether the formula contains enough of each ingredient by referring to researches done on the ingredient.

Directions for Use

The label says to just take 4 capsules a day. Personally, I’m not sure about taking 4 capsules in one go. So, I take 1 capsule when I wake up, and then another one after 4 hours. MY usual schedule is:

  • 8am
  • 12noon
  • 4pm
  • 8pm

It takes 2 Months to show effect. Maybe it’s rather unrealistic for me to expect that it would work more quickly, but that’s just how I feel.

Side Effects

There are absolutely none. That’s been established quite clearly. It’s not even dangerous for women to take this, though it’s not recommended for children. This doesn’t contain any stimulant at all, so there are no worries about the jitters, either. However, you do have 2 main concerns: overdosing and allergies.

Some people are tempted to take more of this, on the assumption that if something is good then more is better. That’s not necessarily true, and that’s especially not true when it comes to supplements and medicines. It’s best to just take 4 capsules a day and not a capsule more.

If you are on any other medication, please consult a doctor before consuming this supplement.

Allergies may be an issue, since some people are allergic to oysters and this contains oyster extract. If you want to be on the safe side, consult your doctor. The good news is that if you do show allergic reactions, they stop when you stop taking the TestoFuel. So you need not have to get worried about the side effects.

Where to buy the product:

The Official Website is the Only Legit Seller. You can’t buy this from anywhere else, not from any local counter and be sure you’re getting the real genuine article even from online.

The product guarantees to show its effect within two months. In case you are not satisfied with the result, you can have an opportunity to get your money back!

However the manufacturers provide you a ‘90days money back guarantee’ with a validity of 120 days, applies from the day you buy the product. The offer is only applicable once to your first time purchasing. You can only opt the money back guarantee, if you have purchased the three months pack, containing 3 boxes of the supplement.

Again you have to make sure, you have taken the product for 3 months as per the instructions given. The sellers don’t accept used or opened products. If you qualify all the conditions your money will be refunded back except the shipping charges.

How much is TestoFuel?

Admittedly, TestoFuel isn’t exactly cheap. You have to pay for high quality, and TestoFuel isn’t an exception to the “you get what you pay for” rule.How much is TestoFuel?

It’s best if you think of it as paying only $1.63 a day—that’s cheaper than a cup of good coffee.

What do customers like about TestoFuel?

It’s Popularity

Thousands of people have attested to how it works for them. These reports have surfaced regularly since 2012 when TestoFuel was first launched. So, if it works for most of people, then it’s very likely that it will work for you.

The Ingredients were Carefully Chosen

The brains behind the TestoFuel brand didn’t just pick up ingredients that other supplements contain. They also just didn’t get extracts simply because ancient healers used them for folk medicine. Instead, each and every one of these ingredients were chosen because there is scientific evidence that backs up their benefits.

Next important thing when you are adding multiple ingredients in any supplement, you have to be highly alert to understand none of the elements present in components are involved in cross chemical reactions. TestoFuel is composed of around 9 elements, where manufacturer have taken utmost care to ascertain only and only all the ingredients will work in a cascade in order to benefit your body, avoiding any cross reactions.

You Get Ample Amounts for Each Ingredient

It can be a bit annoying when an ingredient is supposed to help, but the supplement doesn’t contain enough of the supplement to carry out the function. For example, a supplement may boast that it contains vitamin D. But it only contains 100 IU, which is clearly inadequate. In testosterone studies involving vitamin D, it only helps in doses of 4,000 to 5,000 IU.

TestoFuel contains 5,000 IU. More importantly, it also has 2,300 mg of D-AA. Those are the dosages that work, and not just for them to say that their supplement contains D-AA and vitamin D.

There Are No Side Effects

Of course, I made sure to check the ingredients list to see if I was allergic to any of the ingredients. You should too, since some people may be allergic to the oyster extract.

But for me, there were no negative side effects. I also made sure that I, followed the label instructions to the letter, and never took more than directed.

There’s No Caffeine

I personally like my caffeine from coffee.  You can do that too.  But you can also take this if caffeine gives you the jitters.  You also can take this before sleeping without worrying about having it keep you wake up all night.

There Are No Cycles

This can be taken regularly, along with the other vitamins you might be taking.  You will not have to stop everything you are consuming now and then to give some relief to your system.  With other supplements, your body may develop a tolerance for the supplement so that you may need more of it to get the expected benefits.  With TestoFuel, this isn’t a problem at all. You can take it every day.

The Directions are Simple

You just take 4 capsules a day.  That’s it. You can take all of it in one go, or take 1 every few hours during the day.  You can take the capsules with your protein shakes or with your coffee. There are no strange rules and methods, and no injections, either.

There’s a Money-Back Guarantee

It’s good for 3 months, so you won’t lose money if it doesn’t work for you.

Cheaper Price:

It’s cheaper than a cup of coffee if you buy 3 and get 1 free (and with free delivery too).  But there are many more testosterone boosters in the market that are much more affordable.  That’s just a fact

What Do Most Reviews Say about TestoFuel?

You may go through expert reviews and customer reviews online, and it will not take long for you to notice the general trend regarding their views on TestoFuel.  Most people absolutely like it.  Customers attest to its effectiveness, and the have been saying the same positive things since TestoFuel first came out in the market.

Remember that TestoFuel came out in 2012. Since then, it’s been among the most popular and most highly regarded T boosters in the market even now.  In fact, just about every serious list of the best T-booster supplements contains TestoFuel.  Thousands of testimonials and customer reviews have confirmed that this really does work.

This isn’t just for older men who have problems with decreasing testosterone levels.  Actually, this was designed with gym rats and muscle builders in mind.  TestoFuel was created as a safe alternative to dangerous anabolic steroids.  It is meant for adults who want bigger muscles, without resorting to harmful and illegal compounds.  To read the review you can go through Testofuel official website.

Final Thoughts

Testofuel don’t have any magical power and its effect may vary from person to person.  This formula can be used by athletes, body builders and normal people as well, combined with exercises and work out.  You may do your own research as per the information given by manufacturers, both by following scientific reviews as well as customer reviews, in order to ascertain that TestoFuel is for you. 

But thousands of people have already attested to how TestoFuel helped them, and that means it’s very likely that it will help you.  Try it for 3 months, and you may end up writing a customer review of your own regarding how it helped you get bigger muscles and more energy for workouts and for everyday activities.


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