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VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus Reviews and Results 2020 (Updated)

Your level of bedroom satisfaction and confidence is directly related to your penile size and extend of erection that you get during the intercourse.  Clinically you can get penile improvement pills, can use mechanical stretchers and other medications, on doctor’s prescription.  These medications are limited, and you cannot buy them without a doctor’s legal prescription and even if you could manage that it will be highly fatal to your health in case administer it. 

All your worries regarding private affairs and enhancement of penile health can have a definite solution, VigRXPlus.  This is a supplement made up off natural components, which will help your system to flourish naturally by itself without affecting your biochemical pathways.        


Product Rating:
  • Makes use of natural ingredients that offer proven results
  • Increased erection size
  • Money-back guarantee for 67 days
  • A lot of fakes
  • Product is only available online
  • May experience side effects such as headaches

What is VigRx Plus

VigRX Plus is among the highly rated libido enhancing pill in men which has been improvised with an efficient blending of natural components.  It is popular in the market due to the high rate of sales observed in last two decades.  The pill targets men and works by increasing the rate of blood flow to the male sexual organ enhancing libido.

VigRX has been tested and has been proven effective in enhancing the male sex life.  Along with clinical tests you also need to refer to honest reviews and best reviews in order to consider a product to purchase especially one that affects ones sexual ability.  This honest review about the product what I am writing today will help you in a better way to find out what to settle in order to improve your bedroom affairs.  I have used VirgRX and the results I found just couldn’t allow me to keep calm, I want to tell it to the world and to all men who might be having trouble with their sexual ability; VirgRX is the perfect solution.

The latest improvised version of VirgRX has been obtained after repeated and successful research.  The advanced version of the product basically focussed on inclusion of a new natural ingredients in the formula in order to create a difference in the effectiveness, between its current and previous versions.

This product has been improvised for men who desire to satisfy their partners in bed.  It can sometimes be shameful and frustrating when a man cannot meet the expectations of his beloved when they are called upon.  This is usually caused by a low libido or an inferior penile size.  This occurs mostly among older individuals, as efficient erection decreases the more you age.

VigRX Plus comes to the rescue offering a bigger penile erection size, longer erections, an enhanced sex drive and an elevated head size as a bonus.  This does not only work for you but for your partner too; they will enjoy the action like never before and have untold orgasms.

VigRX Plus is a magic pill as it will make you feel young again! It will help you forget your old age and help you enjoy your youth days once more.  It also works wonderfully for those who have impotence conditions and can’t awaken their members making the act of sex a frustrating activity.

Basically, the pill is comprised of herbs that improve the sexual ability of individuals.  The major constituents of the pill, VigRX Plus are natural aphrodisiac, which drive sexual desires, enhances sexual pleasure and performance.  Bioperine, which is found in black pepper, is also among the ingredients and is explanation enough for its effectiveness.

VigRX Plus is a product that is marketed and sold by a leading Canadian company but one which has its roots in China – Poerkan Company Limited and Guangzhou Lishi Technology Company limited. That is why it has that Chinese touch as China handles the manufacturing bit of the latest releases of both VigRX and VigRX Plus versions.

You can tell just how much a promising product VigRX Plus is by the reputation of the companies that are in charge of its manufacture. These companies are leaders in the manufacture of medicinal products and have created a reputation for manufacturing safe supplements.

Manufacturer details

The supplement is the brainchild of Leading Edge Health, a company that has a reputation of manufacturing male boosting supplements.  The manufacturer assures users that the supplement will greatly work to improve their sexual health and performance.

The manufacturer uses ingredients those are safe and natural and effective for the purpose that the supplement is marketed for.

What is VigRx Plus​

Exploring more into VigRXPlus


An adequate amount of different ingredients have been blended in the improvised version of the product which will trigger a cascade of biochemical pathway in the body, which in turn will target the proper functioning of the pill to meet the requirement. They include:

Bioperine-VigRX Plus Ingredients


This has been extracted from black pepper included in the latest version of VigRX Plus and comes as a major ingredient. Bioperine which is coomonly known as antioxidant, anticancer, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial agent and many more. It is effective in increasing the ability of the body to absorb the potent substances.

It is highly efficient in enhancing sexual drive by increasing the blood testosterone level, the hormone responsible for male sexual libido.  It does the work by inhibiting the action of testosterone 5”-reductase, the enzyme catalyses the conversion of testosterone, hence maintaining high testosterone level, thus maintaining high libido.

Epimedium Leaf- VigRX Plus Ingredients

Epimedium Leaf Extract

It restore low levels of both testosterone and thyroid hormone, maintaining their normal level, which accounts for improving sexual libido. It is massively used in Traditional Chinese Medicines in treating sexual dysfunction, like fatigue and ageing, vasodilation effect and also helps in increasing muscle mass. The herb contains an active substance called Icarin, acts by enhancing sexual activities, and highly useful in inducing erection.  It has properties of anti depressant.

Muira Pauma Bark extract-VigRX Plus ingredient

Muira Pauma Bark extract

This is an extract that is used to cure dysentery and erectile dysfunction and has been seen to offer quality results. The components of this herb increases libido and penile hardness. This herb is rich in sterols, which activate testosterone hormone receptors, hence increasing libido and sexual performances.  It acts as a nerve stimulant to elevate receptiveness to sexual stimuli, arouse mental ability to have sex as well as increases physical sensation of sex.

asianredginseng-VigRX Plus ingredients

Asian Red Ginseng

Mainly used in China, it is wonderful for increasing the rate of nitric oxide generation. Nitric oxide is important for enhancing blood circulation to the penis. This, in turn, leads to longer and stronger erections and thus better sexual performance by the users.  This herb touted to have enhanced the potency of Ottoman Sultans.

Gingko leaf-VigRX Plus Ingredient

Gingko leaf

This is among the major ingredients that the new VigRX Plus is comprised of. It plays a role in relieving users of erectile dysfunction. It increases blood circulation prepares male for sexual excitement by increasing sexual energy. It has a component of sexual enhancer called terpene lactone, which increases cerebral as well as penile blood flow, elevate dopamine, adrenaline and other neurotransmitters hence increasing sexual arousal, pleasure and sensitiveness.

Saw Palmetto berry​

Saw Palmetto berry

It is important as it is a highly efficient aphrodisiac that has been used by man for many years before.

Catuaba bark extract=VigRX Plus Ingredient

Catuaba bark extract

This is mostly known for its excellent function as a libido enhancer and remedy for sexual weakness. It is used here for more than that; it is also great for boosting the user energy levels thus improving their stamina during sexual intercourse.

Hawthorn berry-VigRX Plus Ingredient

Hawthorn berry

This is a naturally occurring herb that improves both oxygen and blood circulation to the heart of the user.

Damiana - VigRX Plus Ingredients


This is an aphrodisiac that has been tested and proven by scientists to offer stamina and better erection.

Other Ingredients

Other ingredients (which are also aphrodisiacs) include Cascuta seed extract, which basically strengthen the prostate gland, promote healthy hormonal function in male hence maintaining healthy sexual health. Tribulus Terrestris, which is involved in maintaining testosterone level, increases sperm count, and help in building muscle strength that enhances sexual performance.

A single box of the product packed with five dozen capsules. It is advisable to take two capsules daily for effective results.  On the maximum, you should not exceed four tablets, as this would be unsafe for your health.

User Reviews

The following are reviews and comments from users of the product, VigRX Plus.  They explain in depth what the supplement can do and what it cannot do for you if you decide to try.  They are the best advisors as they speak on what they have experienced after using the sex enhancement pill for not less than two months.

Important FYI.

For those who are uninformed or who are misinformed, VigRX does NOT enlarge your penis.  It only helps increase your sexual desire and make your erection longer-to last longer, to be precise.  If you want to increase your penis’ size, you must do something to it physically.  Either get laid a lot or jelq. Taking drugs like this will not do anything good to you. Or you can use stretchers or extenders instead.

– Terry

Does VigRX Pills Really Work For Men?

Maintaining good sexual relationships is very important for every human being.  For men, it is important to satisfy their partners to the maximum.  Sometimes there are problems faced by men while having sexual relations with their partners, and it is common.  Usual problems faced by men are low erections, smaller penis and the lack of interest in sex.  To overcome such problems, there are many medicines available in the market, but not all are trustworthy and not all of them give the best results.

– Johnston

Sexual Health and Flaccid Growth

I started taking VigRX and using a penis enlargement device.  I believed that it helped me grow my penis’ flaccid length a bit and improved my sexual health.  It does not really hurt to try this product, especially if you have some money to burn.  I gained around two inches after two months.  A decent growth, but my PED device might have caused the improvement.

– Alfred

New and improved Formula since VigRX Now with Bioperine

If you have been on the lookout for a safe and effective male enhancement pill, you have surely heard of VigRX pills.  Today the same pill is now available in an upgraded version called VigRX Plus. This new and improved VigRX Plus pill has already met with tremendous support from customers who were hassled due to their sexual inadequacies like lack of getting as well as sustaining erections and insufficient penile length and stamina.”

The above testimonials are unbiased takes from the users who are a percentage of the public that has tried it out.  This is independent of the graphs and charts that a clinical study may offer.



The major effects of the VigRX Plus supplement are stated below;

  • Long-lasting erections
  • Stronger or firmer penis when erect
  • An increase in the penile size when erect
  • Easier penetration into the vagina
  • More enjoyable and intense organisms
  • A faster erection recovery period
  • A more wonderful time when engaging in sex

The pill greatly increases sexual stamina and the size of the male sexual organ.  Despite its effectiveness, there is little or none at all evidence supporting an increase in permanent penile size.

When used, the bedroom will be a much more comfortable environment for men who once dreaded not being able to perform.  It will offer a solution that most supplements have not been able to solve.  This it will be achieved by ensuring a user has firmer and long-lasting erections, intercourse while at the same time improving their sex drive.

It is also important to note that the supplement is not for use for individuals below the legal 18years.

Where you can purchase the supplement

Instead of searching, VigRXPlus over local pharmacy counters and stores, you can check into online sources in order to get the authentic version of the product.  But we recommend you, in order to remain at safe side please click into the official VigRXPlus website, and buy the product there from.  But still you need to be cross check if you are referring to the right site, not fake one with similar name, because consuming a counterfeit version of the pills is harmful to your health. 

The manufacturers assures you money back guarantee, in case it does not benefit you, which lasts for 67 days.  In order to avail the same facility you have to register on the site.  What you need to do is, just return two empty boxes, which implies, you have consumed the product for past two months, but the results are not up to your satisfaction level, else you didn’t like it. In case you have purchased more than two boxes of the product, return them as unopened, so that you will get your full money refunded back, however you have to bear the shipping charges.

Side effects of using VigRX Plus

The supplement has been in in the market effectively from 2001 and although it works great, there have been some side effects that have been reported.  The side effects associated are not that serious and include nausea, heart conditions, and allergic reactions.  The conditions might be observed among users that have a history of heart conditions and other relevant complications.

The side effects are also seen to occur among those using other medications to relieve themselves from diseases.  Such diseases include Alzheimer’s Schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease.

However, the side effects can be countered by consulting a doctor.  The doctor may advise whether it is safe for you to take the supplement, VigRX Plus, or not.  On the other hand, a doctor may also give pills that will control the side effects and prevent them from interfering with your normal daily routine.

What you should know about VigRX Plus

Is it true VigRX Plus increases penile size?

I have noticed encouraging results.  There was a notable increase in the erect penis, also in the flaccid state.  This is after using the supplement for close to one month.

Does VigRX Plus help you last longer in bed?

When I used it, I enjoyed a longer period of sexual intercourse than ever before.  I was able to last longer when I was with my partner and my erection was firmer and stronger than earlier. Moreover, I noticed a much easier time when penetrating my partner, maybe because of the stronger erect penis.

Is it great for influencing the type of organisms one has?

This was the best part for me! I was able to experience organisms that were out of this world. The organisms were much intense and lasted much longer.  In a single intercourse section, both my partner and I had not one or two, but numerous orgasms that were so much intense.  As you can see, using VigRX Plus as a sexual enhancer does not only work for the one who takes the pill but it is also great for satisfying a partner and strengthening those relationship bonds.

What precautions should be observed when using VigRX Plus?

When you decide and purchase VigRX Plus, it is important to read all the instructions.  It is also important that users do not use more than the recommended daily maximum of four tablets a day.  This may cause untold negative changes in the body that will harm them.

How long will it take for a user to observe changes?

The manufacturer advises that users should wait for almost two months before they can experience the fruits of the supplement.  It is also important to note that the time period may vary from one user to the other depending on their body response and the frequency of usage. 

Side effects of using VigRX Plus

Like most supplements, intake of VigRX Plus may not be a simple situation as some may think. Some users have experienced a number of side effects that are specific with consumption of the supplement although they are not so serious.

The side effects vary in the level of severity, the minor cases observed include;

  • Cases of unusual nose bleeding among frequent users
  • Stomach upset issues which are abnormal
  • Cases of insomnia
  • Drying of the mouth

The most severe side effects that have been observed among regular users include;

  • A rapid heart rate with no reasonable explanation
  • The users are more prone to bruising
  • Cases of seizures


Even though the effect of the drug is on the penis, it does not cause an increase in the size of a user’s penis.  This is because there is no scientific backing that explains otherwise.  This despite the manufacturer’s claim that the pill can increase the penile length when used.

However, a not so significant increase in penile length is noticed, albeit temporarily.

VigRX Plus has a better performance than its competitors which are almost among top sellers in the market.  The difference in their performance is based on the length of an erection when the usage of the different pills is compared.  The size of an erected penis also shows just why one would prefer VigRX Plus to other products.

Limitations of using the supplement

Like every other medical products, it has a number of drawbacks;

  1. An increased rate of adverse reactions from those who consume the supplement
  2. Even though it is an affordable performance-enhancement drug, its maintenance is a costly affair
  3. Counterfeit versions of the pill are numerous and they are harmful when consumed.

Bottom line

I would recommend this pill for those who wish to enjoy a longer erection and a better libido.  This is because as a sexual enhancement pill it has all the qualities that should get you going.  It is also great for more firm erections that will enable both you and your partner to enjoy when in the act.

However, I would not recommend it to clients if they wish to increase their penile length.  For the uses I have highlighted, the supplement should deliver for your case and you will be surprised by just how great it works.

For safety matters, I would recommend that you should consult your doctor before starting to use the supplement.  This is as you may be having other complications that may worsen when you take a tablet of VigRX plus.  A doctor’s consultation is also important three months into taking these supplements for monitoring and evaluation purposes.


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