VigRX Plus Review

If you are reading this, you must be trying to find out more about the VigRX Plus. This product is among the best-selling and clinically proven products available over the counter. But, does it really work and how well if it does? These are common questions, keep reading to learn more about what we know. VigRX Plus, What Is It? This product is sold as a sexual male enhancement, with clinical studies indicating it improves sexual functions. Since 2001, Leading Edge Health has been accredited by the BBB, the company who markets VigRX Plus. The product is used to improve vigor and stamina, while increasing the libido. It is endorsed by Dr. Steven Liamm, a celebrity doctor and author of “Hardness Factor”. Over 500,000 people have used the product. Background When performance is lacking in the bedroom, things can be frustrating and embarrassing for some. The truth is, there are many males out there [...]

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SizeGenetics Review

Are you stressed out over the size of your member? SizeGenetics is a male enhancement product that can help with. Below we will go over the product in more detail, but this is not an overnight solution. It can take several months to gain a permanent increase, up to 3 inches. If you have the patience for this, keep reading. What is SizeGenetics? This product is marketed as an extender to increase girth and length when taken consistently over a period of 8 months. There are reports of some getting half an inch of growth within the first few weeks, but to retain this increase SizeGenetics must be continuously used. The average report over 6 months is up to 1-inch and just under 2-inches after 1 year. After the device has been worn for 12 months, results can be permanent. However, results will fade away if not worn the recommended time. How it works [...]

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Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review

With weight loss and fat burner products, doing your research is an important step as many of them have little to no results. They are often marketed to hype up the customer, leading to under delivering an over-promise. However, Instant Knockout is a newer product making headlines, created by Roar Ambition, Ltd. (TestoFuel). What is Instant Knockout? The manufacturer stated the original development of Instant Knockout was aimed towards professional boxers and MMA fighters, hence the name. For those unfamiliar to these sports, once fights are scheduled, the fighters must lose excess weight without losing strength or muscle gained from other methods. This is important for the official weigh-in. Instant Knockout is designed to deliver the loss of excess weight, without risking other areas. But, how? How Does It Work? The rapid weight loss is a result of the three-pronged approach Instant Knockout uses. First, it boosts the metabolism. Second, endurance enhancement. Third, eliminates [...]

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Bathmate Review

Are you considering investing in Bathmate, but finding it hard to locate any facts about this male enhancement product? Not to worry, below is a list compiled of some commonly searched questions.   How Does Bathmate Work, or does it? The Bathmate, like other penis enlargement pumps, creates a vacuum seal around the user’s member. As the vacuum pressure increases, it draws the blood into the penis and extends the penis to its max capacity. Because the tissues of the penis are elastic enough, it can expand naturally. In addition, medical journals can be found which indicate the penis extension theory using traction or pressure. Many used real-life trials. Why is Bathmate Special? Although the process is simple, the size and safety considerations are more complex. If you do not want to risk being injured or subpar results, it is recommended that you use a reputable brand, like that of Bathmate. Although, you should [...]

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